Sunday, March 31, 2013



Boys got up and hunted eggs inside this morning
due to it being wet and muddy outside.
They each got an Easter basket full of goodies as well.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program
of doing dishes, laundry & cleaning house.


Putting up the picture ledge.

Caulking seams and screw heads.

Now waiting for the caulk to dry then will 
paint over it.



A quick sampling of what the ledge looks like 
with pictures on it.
I also found that my surround speakers will
fit up there and hide most of the wiring.

Whelp time to make a run to hubby's work
and take some more weeded out things over there.
Then stopping by Kroger for some
Zicam and heartburn medicine.


Manager specials I found in Kroger-

7 one pound rolls Bob Evans maple sausage
(my favorite!!)
Was $2.99 marked down to $1.49.

3 one pound rolls Tennessee Pride sausage
Was $3.49 marked down to .99 cents

Bought all the sausage they had marked down! 
Also found a box of Meullers lasagna noodles
marked down to $1.29.


Just now starting my laundry
and getting supper ready.
Pulled a couple lasagnas out of the freezer.
Will bake a double batch of them,
one for supper and one for lunches tomorrow.

Saturday, March 30, 2013



Went down to the flea market this morning
around 9:00am.
Got this box of food.  The guy said $5.00
and I said I have to think about it and started walking away.
That's when he said $3.00 and I said sold.
10 cans corn,
2 cans Campbells chicken noodle soup,
 5 boxes Kraft mac & cheese,
1 box shells and cheese,
1 box spaghetti,
   1 can tomatoes,
2 cans macaroni & beef,
1 large can chicken & dumplings,
1 can Pam cooking spray,
1 pound Dominos powdered sugar,
1 pouch cheddar broccoli & rice,
7 different seasonings.  

  Here recently I have been noticing my cell phone acting up.
The battery isn't holding a charge very well.
We found this phone for $5.  It didn't have a
charger but the charger I currently have works with it.
We have it charged up and it works great.
It's just a basic phone which is all I need.
It does have a camera in it which my other one didn't have. 

With redoing the bathroom and making my
picture ledge I have been on the hunt for cheap
frames or pictures.
I found these 4 red frames for .25 cents each.
I plan to remove the picture inside them.
I might be able to use these in my bathroom.

Hubby spotted these large (24" x30" and heavy I might add) pictures
below.  I was hesitant at first to ask how much 
because pictures can be expensive.
I've seen similar ones go for $30 to $50 at the thrift store!
So I asked and the guy says $3.00 a piece.
I say would you take $5.00 for both and he accepted!
I plan to take some oak restore stain
and go around the frame with it to cover
up a few little scratches.  



Had to run to Wally World to get a
master link for my son's bike he is working
on and putting together.
He bought a bike frame with 1 rim for $10
and another rim with tube and tire for $3.00.
We think it's a Redline bike and put it together
for about $18.
Price them on Craigslist to see how much they cost!  
This one has the upgrades like
the smaller crankshaft, pedals.  
Anyways after getting the part we needed
we headed towards the garden area of Walmart
for a faster checkout.  Well today is the first day
that they opened up the outside garden area
and they were giving away free food!
They had trays of deli meat and cheeses
to make sandwiches out of, another table
with a huge bakery cake and another table with
candy and mints on it along with a gaming area
for kids to play.
  Free food, I'm all for that, lol!


I got my two pictures cleaned, stained and hung up and actually
got them hung evenly!  Yeahhh!
It was my first time using a laser picture hanger.
We've had one for awhile, still new in the package,
that we found in an apartment.
Will be using it also for hanging the picture ledge.

I love the vibrant colors in the painting prints!
 It's hard to capture it in the photos.
The background color is a dark navy blue.

 Well my stomach isn't feeling the greatest.
Girly thang dragging me down at the moment.
Feel like crap.
Might go take a hot shower.
Can't accomplish a whole lot at this rate.
Tomorrow might work on putting my shelf up
and work on getting laundry done.
Got about 4-5 sheet sets I found in the vacant
apartment to go with the bed.
Top sheets, bottom sheets and matching pillow cases.
They'll also fit my other son's bed once
I find a frame and box spring for it. 


Friday, March 29, 2013



Got my "new" pans all washed up and put
away that I found in the vacant apartment yesterday.
I got rid of two of my skillets that were starting
to cause food to stick in the bottoms.
Skillets aren't cheap.  Either new or from the thrift store.
The thrift store has stupid prices on their skillets
for ones that don't have the teflon all scratched up.
To keep mine from getting scratched up when storing
I put thick potholders between them all. 

Now I am going through the closet and under the vanity
stuff in the bathroom and weeding some things out.
So far I have a big tote full of stuff to give to mom.
I'm going to try and do away with the shelf I had
hanging above the toilet.  I don't need anything
else possibly falling off it and getting clogged
in our new toilet like the last one.

Starting our Spring cleaning around here and it will
continue throughout the Summer.
Too much stuff, not enough space.

After working on getting all the bathroom stuff
organized, weeded out and put back away
then I'm going to start on my one son's bedroom.
I have a full size bed to put in there.
It's the smallest bedroom of three so this will be
fun trying to weed that out to find room to put it in there. 


I am not having fun.
Got the bathroom stuff gone through and put away.
Now working my way into my son's bedroom.


Got my son's room all done.
I took his twin bed all apart and 
brought in the full size bed and set it up myself.

 I put some HO engines and cars on a shelf.
This is only a fraction of what he has!
The rest are on a train layout table in the basement. 

Took a loaded truck full of stuff to get
rid of over to hubby's work.

I am tired and glad to of
gotten those things accomplished today.
I can now cross them off my to do list
for Spring break. 
Still lots more to do though. 
Time to head to bed soon because
I know I got an early wake up call tomorrow
if we go to the flea market.
I keep thinking it's Saturday when it's only Friday.