Wednesday, February 27, 2013



Today I am suffering from a sore thrift store arm.
I didn't realize it was half price at some stores yesterday
until pulling up to one and seeing the parking lot
packed and about 20 people literally standing in line
15 minutes before opening.  Crazy.
I usually try to avoid those days because of the crowds.
With that many people the carts go very quickly
and I ended up with only a small basket to carry
all my things in. I had
a food vacuum sealer in there along with my regular purse I carry,
another purse I got for $2.00 and other items.
Some of the time I was putting the basket on the
floor scooching it around with my foot.
I am now paying the price for carrying that basket at times
and the muscle in my left arm is so sore.
Sometimes it's not worth getting the better deals,
fighting the crowds and dealing with no carts.  


I've had a pork roast in the crock with 
sauerkraut most of the day.
I just started boiling a pot of cut up potatoes with skins
to go with it.
Last week Kroger had pork roasts buy 1 get 1 free.
I got two which would have normally cost
almost $11.00.  But with the buy 1 get 1 free 
sale two was around $5.44 or $2.70 a roast.
Can't beat that kind of price for a roast.

I usually add in brown sugar but was out
so instead I used some lite maple syrup I had
to take the bitiness out of the sauerkraut.
I also put in some teriyaki sauce to give it more flavor.

My head's been spinning.
I would like to get another camera because
the toggle switch on mine to operate the camera
functions does not work 99% of the time now.
I don't know much about cameras so 
I have been researching anything of interest.
I do know I want one with a lithium rechargeable battery
as opposed to AA/AAA batteries (love the long battery life in my
camera now which has a lithium battery) , more zoom (my camera
has 10x's now looking to double or more that zoom), 
more megapixels (mine is only 4),
one that takes videos and zooms at the same time
(mine takes video but you have to zoom before hand
and cannot do it while filming),
and one with a better flash (where my flash is positioned
on my camera is not the greatest.  The flash light
is blocked by the lense at times.)  
I have a few I've narrowed it down to so are
trying to find the best price on Ebay.
It's something I use all the time so I might splurge a little on it.

I have a hair appointment tomorrow with mom
to go get our hair cut.  I haven't cut my hair
since May 2012.  Time for a little trim and
to get it thinned out some.
Going to color it again sometime after the cut.   
Was thinking about giving an ombre color a try
but doing it myself.  Ombre is two different colors
of hair.  The top is of a golden brown or dark blonde color while
the ends are usually a light blonde.  


Me and hubby went to the store to pick up
a few things before the end beginning of the month rush.
Picked up only a couple of things including
a package of steak that hubby found for $1.95.
I got it all cut up into strips and pounded out
and now have it marinating in a teriyaki sauce
with seasonings to make beef jerky out of.


Hubby found a couple of items at work today.
These items are still full!

I still have a couple other things he got me this past 
weekend that I have yet to get out of the truck.
Pole lamp with glass shade,  large picnic type cooler.

I went down stairs and started some laundry.
That's unusual for me in the middle of the week!
Got a load hung up out of the dryer,
a load put in the dryer and a load going in the washer.

I still have a shower to get and a questionaire for
our health insurance company to do online before tomorrow.
If ya ask me they are getting way too up into
people's business anymore and charging waaaaay too much
for the average or below average joe to even afford.
If you don't fill out this stinking survey they say they
will charge you an additional $10 each pay!
Just ridiculous!  As if over $600 a month now isn't enough
along with increasing copays and prescriptions.
I could go on and on about it.  Thanks Obama.

I still have a shower to get and eyebrows to wax.
Do what, I know.  Mom bought me an eyebrow 
wax kit and wants me to try it out.
Gee thanks mom, just what I want to do tonight
is start ripping my hair out.

Oh yeah and hubby has the pager this week and
is out on a call right now for a no heat.
The first emergency call he's gotten this week after hours.