Friday, June 13, 2014



Back down in the dungeon.
Got a load of laundry going.
I had about a week to two weeks worth
of laundry that needed done and then
I washed up 4 large totes of summer clothing from storage.
I'm starting to feel like I'm running a laundry mat around here!
It's all good because I work cleaning the basement
along side of laundry.
So far I have another large bag of clothing to go 
out along with a tote of misc stuff.
It's just something that needs done every year to clean out
stuff.  Out with the old in with the new.
Call it Spring or Summer cleaning
it's what I do around here every year during the kids summer break. 


Two more baskets of stuff hauled out.
Trying not to over pack them and make
them easy for me to carry upstairs.

I think I am down to only one load of laundry left to do woo hoo!

That does not include towels, sheets & blankets though.
That will be another day.
I usually do all those up when the weather is really
warm outside so I can hang them all the line
to save on electricity.


6-7 more small/med. boxes, baskets and totes hauled out. 

Thank God I am feeling pretty good today.

Yesterday I was down and out for the count
most of the day.
Going with the flow.

All the while with doing laundry and basement
cleaning and weeding out I am giving myself
a deep conditioning mayonnaise hair treatment.
We had found an unopened jar of canola mayonnaise
that we found in an apartment.
No one is particularly fond of it so I'm putting
it to good use by slathering it all over my hair
and letting it sit.  You can wrap it up with a shower cap
or bag then wash it out with regular shampoo.
I plan on coloring my hair again soon so
figured it could use a good conditioning first.


The last load of laundry is in the washer.
That was a lot of freaking laundry to do.
I've been doing it for 4 days now!
Thank goodness I can finally move onto something
else now like getting it all put away.
I have two large long laundry bars in the basement
packed full of clothes to bring upstairs
and put away now.
I'm done with working on the basement for
today as well.
Still feeling good but I'm tired of running up
and downstairs at the moment.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014



Today is another slow day for me.
I laid back down this morning for about an hour or so.
Got up to make the kids some large pancakes
for a brunch to tide them over for awhile.
I need to go to the store tonight.
I'm outta bread and pop for me.
Bread is something to have on hand to
make easy sandwiches for lunches
and I haven't had any for 2-3 days.
My whole body is throbbing so I went
ahead and took a couple tylenol.
Don't know if I'll return down to the basement
to work more on it today or not.
Just feeling so tired.
Maybe if the tylenol kicks in I'll work
on tidying up the living and dining room some which
has been wiped out since being in the hospital.


Well I haven't done diddly squat.
I've slept the afternoon away.
22 more days of this med called Ucerine.
I'm tired of being so tired from it!
People look at me like I do nothing but sleep all day.
I cannot help it!
It's supposed to heal my colon to hopefully
put me in remission and I guess I and others
around me just have to deal with the side affects of it.
It's the medicine it's not me being lazy!


What is this shock the crap out of me week.
It wouldn't take much that's for sure.
 Still feel like crap like I'm in slow mo
from being tired and no energy.
Trying to eat a bite of supper now.
Still have my appetite so that's good.

Anyway back to the shocker moment for today.
Me and hubby were in Kroger getting a few needed things
We're standing in line and I'm not paying
attention to nothing because I felt like
a total walking zombie, still do.
Hubby says there's so and so and so and so
in line in front of a lady in front of us.
It's my best friend and her separated hubby from high school.
I had a falling out with her after 20 some years
of being best friends.  I haven't spoke to or
seen her in 6 years since right before
we bought our home. 
We exchanged some information.
She says she'll write me an email.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014



Today has been a little slower for me.
Laid back down this morning for a short while.
I have had only one normal poo for me since
being home from the hospital.
It went back to the way it was shortly after
and has been that way since sending
me to the bathroom several times a day.
I am taking all my meds like I'm supposed to.
I got rows of pill bottles sitting in front of me.
Today is my last day for antibiotics.
I still have 23 days left for the steroids.
And I have Lialda I'm taking
and percocet for any pain along with tylenol.
Something needs to start working!

I think I'll head down to the dungeon and
do more laundry.  Sure wish there was
a little sunshine outside to make it seem
a little less gloomy.


Making a little progress.
Got a load of laundry hung up, in the washer and in the dryer,
a tote full of crap to go out.
It's a start for the day.

I just want to get rid of a ton of stuff while I can
because I'm afraid at some time I'll get too sick
to the point I won't be able to do it.


Was thinking about putting potholders and such
in the crock pot wedding towel cake.
I think instead I'll use some bubble bath,
bath salts, men's body wash and cologne,
a candle along with a pretty nighty in there.
Hey it would go with the bath towels,
wash cloths but not the crock pot part.
They'll have to have something good
to eat ahead of time lol.
It's what I found in my stockpile in the basement.
I won't use it so thought I'd put it to good use. 
If it fits it ships lol.

I got another couple of boxes to go out
and another large box for mom to go through.


Oh dear, here we go again.
Hubby just called and is asking to buy a guy's truck
at work.  This guy is multi talented with being
able to repair things from computers, 
maintenance, HVAC, wood work, cars,  you name it.
He was a paratrooper along with numerous other things
that I couldn't remember from the sheet he showed
me when he was in the Army.
He's been near roadside bombings overseas and has many
a scars to prove it.
He was just promoted from maintenance guy
to maintenance supervisor at another property
if that tells you anything and he hasn't
even been there a year!
He wants to become a firefighter.
He was in training for it in NY right before he moved
here.  Soon after moving here this guy had
bought another truck and I have seen everything
he's done to it. Probably things that didn't even
need repaired he replaced.
He had box after box of parts sitting out
of all the stuff he was replacing one weekend.
I knew he had to of spent close to $1,000 on parts.
I hope he was that way with his old truck.
It's like this guy has to be fixing something
all the time to keep from getting bored.
Must be nice to have that kind of energy!

Anyways the guy is selling a 4x4 S10 extended cab
steel flat bed truck with mounted tool box,
80,000 miles on it for only $450.
I think I've seen it only once or twice but will
get to see it again tonight to look it over.
I think it looks something like this
only a different or darker color and it has an extended cab.

$450 seems pretty cheap for a 4x4 truck.
But $450 seems like a lot of money for me period
to come up with.  That would leave a dent
in the checking account.
Gonna have to cut back even more I see
and sell some things.
Hubby wants to go through his shed 
and sell things in there he doesn't need
for example tires, slicks, rims, car parts.
Hope there's enough in there to
cover the costs of this truck!
I need some Tylenol!


Hubby is getting one heck of a Father's Day gift I tell ya.
I bought him the truck tonight.
It's still at his work but paid for.  That's where his coworker lives.
Tomorrow they are going to do the paperwork on it.
The best part, I got it for $50 less at ONLY $400!!!
It's a 2002 Chevy S10 crew cab (4 doors)
not an extended cab like I had originally thought
with only 78,000 miles on it!
It has working AC, heat and cd/cassette radio.
The guy has replaced many parts on it
and has all receipts to go with it!
It even has newer tires and the battery was
bought around February of this year.
I am pricing these trucks on Craigslist
(with bed should we ever want to put a bed back on it)
with 160,000 to 180,000 miles on those
vehicles they are still asking around $5,000 for them.
This was a steal that I could not pass up for hubby to 
have an automatic 4x4 truck!!!!
When the opportunity knocks you go for it
even if it means I'll be having to cut back some
for a little while.

 Now to sell hubby's car to put the money
and then some back into the bank.
Uggh I hate dealing with Craigslist people!

Time for some pills then time for bed.
I didn't even know we were even considering
buying a vehicle til 2:00pm this afternoon.
Shock to me! 

Oh I gotta tell the story to this truck lol.
The guy who owned this truck was a firefighter lieutenant
in upstate NY.  He did his firefighting training in the 
same small town that my dad's family lives in
in Leroy, NY.  The truck is still equipped with 
the fire department's flashing lights and other stuff.
I guess the guy is going to remove those lights though
before we take it over.
I just thought that was cool that this same
truck was 700 miles away in the same town
my dad lives in at one time.
Small world huh.

Monday, June 9, 2014



Here was something else I overlooked
that I got from a yard sale.
A Coach purse for .50 cents!
I found one just like it on Ebay for $80!

Yesterday I made a pork roast for supper
after we returned home from the rehearsal.

Pork roast $2.00,
1 pkt. Au Jus mix .29 cents,
3 cups water free,
2 pkgs buns $2.00,
1/2 cup bb1 sauce .50 cents.  

Made 8 sandwiches for supper
and will make another 8 for lunches today
including a lunch for hubby to take to work.
So 2 meals from this one roast.
That's .29 cents a sandwich or .49 cents per serving
of 2 sandwiches.

Today I have a 2.17 pound package of pork loin chops thawing
for supper.
They were $8.01 marked down to $4.79.
Along with a packet of Shake N Bake
BBQ seasoning .50 cents.


I laid back down and took a nap
for 30-40 minutes.  Got up with what energy I had
from that nap and started in on washing
summer clothes that were stored for the winter.
While they were clean when stored they
still get that basement smell.

I haven't had the ac on for about a half week now
which means we are having such wonderful weather outside.
Which also means a lower electric bill this time of year.
The kids were even complaining it was chilly
in here this morning.
I looked back at last year and we started
having 90 degree temperatures in April!
While I am loving this cooler weather
it doesn't help with growing tomatoes
which like hot weather.
They are still surviving but not growing
much taller at the moment.
Still about the size from the packs I planted them from.


I got my Ebay purchase today.
It pisses me off.  I was supposed to get
2 camera batteries and a car rapid charger
and I only received ONE battery.
Wrote the seller.
We'll see where this goes. 
I opened a case with Ebay so that way they and you
can keep track of any communication to the seller
should they not respond or fix the problem
within a certain time frame
then Ebay will refund your money.
I've had a seller before take my money
and never sent me what I won.
They never responded to any messages so
I won my case and was refunded all my money.

Hubby just called to share a really freaky 
apartment story.
He says there was a suicide in an apartment
overnight or just recently because Hazmat
was there going through the apartment near their 
maintenance shop.
Within the last month I had
talked to that person when we were out on an
emergency call across the way from him
because they were sitting outside in lawn chairs.
That's not the freaky part.
Within the last year in that same apartment
but a different resident before this newer
resident moved in, the last resident
also committed suicide, unrelated.
There is no way I would move into that apartment what so ever!
I'd be having a psychic or someone else
come out to see what's going on in there!

OK time to get back to laundry, ugghh!
I think I've got most of the Summer clothes washed.
Now working on getting Winter clothes packed away.


Well the Ebay seller responded to my messagae
saying they are sending out a battery today for my camera
and they asked that I close the case.
I'm not closing it til I have that 2nd battery in my hand!

So far while doing laundry I've managed to weed
out clothes and get rid of 3 large trash bags full,
a large box full along with another pile started
and ready to be bagged up.
I don't like this time of year to go through clothes
and the switching of seasonal clothing.
But it needs done. 

So while waiting on the recent loads of 
laundry the kids are asking for a snack.
I am making 
Pistachio Pudding Cookies.
The only difference is I used a white cake mix
with red and green sprinkles in it
and a bag of Hershey chocolate chips.
(after Christmas sales at .49 cents each for the cake mix
and .58 cents for the chips).
And I'm sure the pistachio pudding mix
was leftover from Christmas where I didn't bake
as much as I wanted due to being sick.
So everything is being put to good use now
as summertime snacks for the kids :0) 


I've been tinkering around with
how to make this wedding towel cake.
I've got less than two weeks to make it.
I think I came up with a final plan of what to put in the middle.
It might be a little heavy but it should work.
One of my other gifts is a crock pot.
I'll use that in the bottom layer, wrap
a large bathroom towel around it,
second layer is the second bathroom towel
and the third layer will be two washcloths.
I could do two champagne glasses on the sides.
It'll be like one big gift rolled up into one big cake lol.
Plus I could also add some potholders
or other kitchen items inside the crock pot.
Nothing is set in stone at the moment.
Here is my fabric that will go around the outside
of the towel cake to look like frosting and piped on flowers.
It is actually the bottom end of a silky curtain panel.
The picture is not true to color.
It is a buttery cream color.

I would like to do a three layer towel/crock pot cake
I guess it would be called that now if I add the crock to it lol.
I also have a long pearl necklace in the same color
to add around the top edges. 
Check out my freebie bracelet in the pic
that I got in the mail.  Actually I got three of them.
It says Cure Crohn's.

And here would be the crock pot in the
bottom layer.

Like I said this is only a rough draft.
No fabric, lace, ribbon, pearls, flowers have been cut yet to make it.
I don't know, it's a start.
Be lucky I've gotten this far with an idea with
the way I've been feeling.
Now to find some flowers, maybe some champagne glasses
and something very strong to put underneath it
to support it all.
Do they make butcher block cake platters LOL.
I'll figure something out.  I always do.
I want it to stand out at the wedding also
as a decoration piece not only as a present.
Gotta make it look good to try and brew up some business.
The mom of my soon to be daughter-in-law
said she's seen cakes like this before
so you know I've got to give it my all to impress everyone.
I told her I was making it as their gift
and wondered where I could put it.
They didn't seem to have a gift table planned out,
only a card box.  Uh I think that some of your
guests are going to bring more than a card
so ya better plan on a gift table.
So we worked out that area last night.
Oh, also anyone who is attending,
they also asked me to figure out a banner
design to hang on the wall as you walk in the door.
So think of me when you see it :0)
Bob Evans is catering the reception
so at least I don't have to worry about making
any food.  Whew!
My son did hint to me once about
making their wedding cake.  
I don't think so, lol.
That would stress me out so bad.
Maybe a towel wedding cake lol. 


Well my get up and go has got up and went.
My energy spurt ended about 4:45pm.
Around that time I started feeling nauseous
and threw up.  I then laid down til hubby got home.
 My stomach still has that same feeling.

This evening we had to run to hubby's work
to dump some stuff I've been weeding out
along with some trash so we ended up 
closing the pools.  Got 1.5 hours overtime so it was all good.

Sunday, June 8, 2014



Got up and went to the flea market this morning.
Tired or not I did it to keep myself moving.
I still feel as though I could lay down and
take a nap for several hours.
My stomach feels nauseated.

 The flea market sucked.  We need to stop
going on Sundays and just stick to Saturdays due
to only about half the people being there if that.

We have a wedding rehearsal to go to this evening.
Fun, fun, fun.  I feel like crap.
I'm pushing myself to do things but
in the end I feel totally exhausted.
Just the other day me and hubby had gone out
to do something one evening.  I drove.  Once home I jumped out
of the truck and went straight to bed literally.
I think hubby was still in the truck doing
things whether it was cleaning out trash or
carrying in stuff.  By the time he got in the house
I was passed out asleep! 
I just feel like I could collapse some days and
that was one of them.
Friday after yard sales and shopping I brought
my things in from the car, dropped them on the floor
 and went straight to bed.
Those things stayed in their bags til the next day.
I didn't even get anything out to admire or look over them.
I just got out of the shower trying to freshen up
and that didn't make me any less tired.
Got laundry going because I need something
half way decent to wear tonight.
I'm so far behind with laundry so that will
be my priority this week to get that done
and put away winter clothes and bring out the 
summer clothes.

We were thinking about doing Hocking Hills this weekend
but decided against it due to other plans
like on call, yard sales, side job and wedding rehearsal.
Next weekend might be an Indian Lake weekend
to go see hubby's dad for Father's Day.
The weekend after that is my son's wedding
and the weekend after that hubby is on call.
Not sure when we will be able to see Hocking Hills at this rate.
It should give me a little time to rest up
for all that hiking though.
We haven't been down there in a couple of years
and I'm ready to go back.
I haven't been there since I've gotten my newest camera
and can't wait to take pictures.
One of my favorite places to visit.
I've even ordered 2 more batteries for my camera
along with a rapid car charger for them.
Hoping to get this week.


I can't wait to be off these meds.
I am getting so forgetful with things.
Went to the thrift store to get some fabric
for the wedding towel cake I'm making.
I paid for it and started walking for the door
without my purchase and hubby says where's your bag at?
It was still sitting at the checkout.

Earlier today I made hot dogs for lunch.
Got them out and in a pan of water.
Awhile went by and I went to check on them
and forgot to turn on the burner.
Then as if those weren't bad enough around
1:00 I put a pork roast in the crock pot.
2:00 rolls around and I go to check on it
and I didn't even turn it on.
UGhhh!  I'm ready for bed!
But have to keep on trucking somehow.
I hope this rehearsal doesn't last long tonight
so I can come home and go to bed.
I made it known to my son's fiance that
I do not feel well and I get very tired.
My stomach feels as though I could
throw up at any given moment.
Whelp 5:30 time to go.


Well I survived the rehearsal and meeting
my future daughter-in-laws parents.
At least I showed up unlike some other people.
If you know me you know exactly who I'm talking about.
Thank goodness I didn't have to look at
that person tonight, whew.
Felt like crap but I showed up!
10 days after still recovering from my hospital stay,
I still showed up.  Just wanted that on the record, LOL!
I wasn't at home sleeping like someone else. (my ex)
And believe me I could have very easily have
been in bed many hours ago and been down for the count.
But I pushed myself to be there!
Next we have a rehearsal dinner
at the other parents house in two weeks.
Oh goodie, goodie, goodie.
So much fun. 
Hope he sleeps in then as well.  LOL!

Saturday, June 7, 2014



We went to a neighborhood yard sale this morning.
Then hubby's co worker called him to see if 
he would take emergency on call for him for a couple of
hours along with working on a suv doing front brakes.
So that cut my yard saling adventure a little short.
But it was worth it.  While there was no emergency
calls hubby did make $50 putting on front brakes for someone
so it's all good.

So here's what I got today at the sales.

24 slot literature organizer.  I have no photos
but it reminds me of something teachers put papers in.
I knew these things weren't cheap and priced them
at around $160 plus!
I bought mine for a buck, a $1.00 bill!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Even if I didn't keep it, which I plan to use for bills
and other paperwork, I could turn around and sell
it and make money on it.
I'm sure scrapbookers out there would love something like this
if I should decide to sell it.

A new Top-O-Matic cigarette rolling machine for $10.
To go into your local smoke shop and purchase
one of these machines would cost $50 to $60!
I got it to have as a back up at that price!
But I could also make money on it if I wanted to sell it.

6 white metal plant hooks.
Was .50 cents each but offered $2.00 if I bought them all.
Remember when you buy more than one of an item
or a set of something try to see if they will
make you a package deal at a lower price.
Just a tip I use at sales and it usually works.
I've been looking for some of these because
I thought about putting my super sweet cherry 100
tomato plants in hanging baskets off our back fence.
I bought like 20 baskets last year at the flea
market for I think $3.00 or $4.00 for all of them.

I got hubby a cd radio to listen to at work.
He's been wanting one but I wasn't willing to pay
the ridiculous prices that the thrift store wants for them
around $10 on up.  Just crazy.
This lady said it was almost brand new and she only
used it a couple of times that's why she was selling it.
Another tip is when trying to get a lower
price is to point out any flaws.
This radio didn't come with a power cord.
We have a power cord at home that would work on it.
It does run on batteries though.
It never hurts to try and talk someone down in price.
Most of the time I get the item for less.
This lady was asking $5.00 and we settled at $3.00.

Many times I would drive by sales and ask
everyone yeah or nay as to whether we would stop
and check them out.  They would say some
were too small.  Well let me tell ya, some of those
small ones can hold some treasures.
I always remind them of my yard sale story
of where I almost didn't stop because
this man had one little table out selling only a few items.
On that table was a ring I bought for only .10 cents!!
Later on at home I discovered it was 
a 10 karat white gold ring with markings with a possible
couple of diamonds on each side and in the 
middle was a large white topaz!!
Possible value anywhere from $150 to $250.
Ya gotta watch those cheap pieces of jewelry.
Sometime they are the real deal.
Check silver colored vases, cups, tea sets and silverware also.
Just look for stamped markings of
sterling silver and gold.  Not plated!
I don't remember what else I got.
I had a headache most of the day and was hurting
in my joints, especially my leg sockets
and left shoulder.
I've got like 2 more days of my antibiotic 
medicine left and about 26 days left of steroid medicine.
Oh goodie.  The steroids leave me with the side affects
of tingling hand and feet along with the headaches,
dizziness and fatigue along with paint in my joints.
But I already have joint pain and tiredness as a Crohn's/Colitis symptom so let's make it worse and double it, ughhh.
And then let's throw in that time of the 
month to let the party begin.
Somedays I wonder how I even get out of bed.

When we were at hubby's work earlier today
I did find a large fern that someone had thrown away.
I rescued it and brought it home and 
hung it up on the carport.


Friday, June 6, 2014



Me, mom and my one son ventured out this morning
from 8:30am to 1:00pm yard saling,
eating lunch at Pizza Hut and stopped at
a couple of stores.
Once back home I was soooo tired and had to lay down
and take a nap.  It was a little much for me to do
but I wanted to get out of the house and do something.

While out I had gotten a message that my
GI doctor's office had called around maybe 10 or so this morning.
I returned the call with another message to call me back.
Well it's 3:00pm and they just called me back.
I really need to start thinking about finding
another GI doctor.  I'm sure you've heard
my complaints about them before but I got a new one
for ya.  The nurse says to me that the doctor
wants to put me on a new medicine and was
asking for a phone number of my pharmacy
of where to send the prescription to.
I say is it a temporary or permanent medicine
because I need to know whether to have it sent
to Kroger or my mail order pharmacy.
She says it's a permanent medicine so I tell her
to send it to my mail order.  She asks for the number
which I didn't have at hand and said it should be in my file
for my other prescriptions the doctor sent in.
She says it is not in my file.
That is BS!  I know it's in there.
Then she says it's a prescription for Lialda.
Doc wants me to start taking it.
Do they not check my files???!!!
I have been taking Lialda for about 2-3 years now.
I have bottles of it sitting right in front of me
with a prescription good for it until January of 2015.
I told her I didn't think this prescription was
even working for me considering I have
been in the hospital three times since October of last year.
She then says she will get back with me
to see if the doctor wants to put me on something else.
My head is spinning trying to deal with these people.
I'm not a freaking guinea pig for these
people to just start pushing pills in me left and right.
The pills I'm on now, antibiotics and steroids,
make me so tired and I have less energy.
So many things I want to do but can't because of them.
I know I'm rambling.
I don't know what else to do with this disease
and playing games with the doctor's office
that only leads me back to being in the hospital each time.