Thursday, January 31, 2013


My tweaks to the below recipe is I will
be using cream of mushroom soup instead of cream of chicken and
will add a packet of country gravy mix instead of au jus mix
and are using deer burger instead of hamburger.
Only because it's what I have on hand.



I might go lay back down now.
I ate some jelly toast and it didn't sit too well in my stomach
plus the heating pad is calling my name
with all the throbbing from my lower back and legs. 


Up from my nap and are feeling better after laying
with the heating pad.
I got salisbury steak made up and in the crock pot.


I've been a busy little camper this afternoon
with making salisbury steak, finishing a sewing project,
getting dishes done and just now serving supper.


Hubby told me tonight that he doesn't think
we'll be able to make our Michigan trip this year
due to being invited to his sister's wedding in West Virginia this year also.  He doesn't think we can afford both trips.  
Might not be able to afford the third possible one either.  

Hubby told me how much his paycheck would be tomorrow after taxes and what not.  He did get a bonus and 
over time on this check.  Taxes killed us! 
His take home pay is half of what he made!
That seems a bit much if ya ask me.
I know the price of things this year
are only going to get worse.  Gas the other day
was $3.59 a jump of about .30 cents overnight.
Once it starts climbing again the price will
be reflected onto food and other goods.
You shouldn't assume that all is well
because it is not.  You need to plan ahead and not
wait til it happens.  Spend wisely now.
Don't say I didn't tell ya so when the time comes
because I've been reading a lot about it
so prepare for it now.
The Droughts Impact on Food Prices.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013



It was 65 degrees this morning at the bus stop 
around 6:45am.  Pretty windy and it now appears
that the rain has finally made it here.
We've got storm and high wind warnings
along with tornado watches in Southern Ohio.


We are now under a severe thunderstorm warning
for Franklin county.  It just came across the tv. 


Tonight's supper is just something I threw together.
I took 2 boxes of Betty Crocker aug gratin potatoes
and 1 box of Hamburger Helper potato stroganoff
and put the potatoes in a greased casserole dish.
In a skillet I fried up some leftover bacon and
half of an onion diced up.  Then added the liquid ingredients
that the directions on the boxed potatoes said to add.
I replaced 1 half cup of milk with a half cup of mayo.
I poured this over top the potatoes
and baked 350 degrees 25 minutes.
Next I fried up a can of corned beef and added
homemade seasoned bread crumbs to it.
I removed the potatoes from the oven
and turned the oven off.
I then put the corned beef on top of the potatoes
and sprinkled a little cheese on top and
returned to the oven while it was off til supper,
about 10-15 minutes.

It's one of those days where I was just grabbing
stuff off the pantry shelves that sounded
like it would be good together. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013




School Closing:
Huy AG Bell Elementary, Medina Middle School,
and Tree of Life Northridge closed today
due to a power outage in the Karl Rd. area. 

A car around 2:30am
hit a telephone pole taking out power
to much of the area.  Hubby called to say it also
included the traffic lights
at I-71 and Cooke Rd which is being
directed by a traffic cop due to the rush hour traffic. 
WBNS 10 TV news.

At 6:00am I was getting kids up and getting them ready
for school and their breakfast.
They were moving slower than molasses.
Should have seen how fast they sprung
to life around 6:30am 
when they saw on tv that their school was closed!


I got up before 5:30am to make hubby a birthday surprise.
I made him a bacon rose bouquet.
Not too fully functional at that hour of the morning
to be rolling and baking bacon and then
tearing apart a couple artificial rose bouquets
to put the bacon roses on!
But I did it.  All the while I'm thinking hey I'll
get up early and get this done and I'll make up
for it with a nap later on only to find out
the kids school is closed today.
I told hubby, see it was a good thing you changed
your day off.  We had planned to spend a day together
without kids to get a little mommy and daddy time
and go out for breakfast or lunch.
If he'd of still taken today off instead of Friday
we probably wouldn't have gone out.
Tonight we're all going out with my mom and step-dad
to pizza hut for a birthday supper.
I don't have to cook, woo hoo!


It's 62 degrees outside and I have windows open
airing out the house.   It's nice to be able to get
some fresh air in here.
Air inside ones home can be more polluted than
outside air so that's the reason for doing it
especially this time of year when everything is closed up.  
Rarely do we get
the chance in January to open up windows.
Read about it here --> Indoor Air Quality in the Winter. 

We're supposed to have about the same temps
tomorrow then back into the 20's for highs
the rest of the week. 
Another day or two without running the furnace,
woo hoo!

Hubby called H&R Block.
I guess they got all the paperwork in that they
needed to do our taxes now so we went
ahead and made an appointment
for Friday morning to finish doing them
while hubby was off work.
I don't want to just walk in even though
that's what they originally told us and
have to wait when we've already made
our appearance before that. 
There has been a wait this year for millions of people til January 30th to file due to the fiscal cliff and new tax law changes.
Some have to even wait til mid February to March.
Read about it HERE.
IRS has a link to check to see when you will be 
getting your refund once you've filed.
Where's My Refund starts January 30th.


I am currently working on a beauty pageant cape/ponch
for a friend of mine.
Did you know you really don't need to go out and
buy patterns which can be costly when
all you have to do is use actual pieces of clothing.
You can tear apart the clothing at the seams
and trace out patterns and fabric pieces.
Take notes or pictures of how to sew everything back together.

My friend said that these beauty pageant capes/ponchos
are sold for $39 on up and that's why she asked
if I could make one for her.
For this project I purchased a poncho at the thrift store
to use as a pattern for $1.99
 and the bolt of fabric says $5.  There is still a lot of fabric
leftover on this bolt after I cut out the poncho pieces. 
I think I'm just going to zig zag stitch the outside
of the pattern pieces because the straight stitch
on my sewing machine isn't the greatest.
That is how it's done on the original piece anyway.


This is how far I've gotten with the poncho.
I've decided to put it up for now.

There's a couple of things I need to work out with it
and either try to finish it tonight or tomorrow morning
depending how I feel.
Going to go jump in the shower and
start getting ready to go out for supper tonight.
We just broke the record high temperature for the day at Port Columbus. Our temperature of 67 tops the old record of 65 set back in 1975!



Monday, January 28, 2013



Monday is my chill day after all the 
things we do on the weekend, especially when
hubby has on call at work.
Hubby's birthday is tomorrow and he had requested it off
wanting to use a personal day.
With over 17 hours of overtime during this pay period
I didn't think it was a good choice.
His pay period goes from Wednesday to Wednesday.
He called today to let me know he switched
his day off to Friday.  The reason being is
that if he took tomorrow off using a personal day
all his overtime would end up being straight time.
After doing all the calculations for him
I said if you take Tuesday off and just get straight
time you'd be missing out on $330-$400
you would have gotten with overtime.
For his company and many others you have to
actually work 40 physical hours before you
get overtime.  If you throw a holiday, personal day or
sick time in a work week then it goes to straight time.
So plan wisely before taking time off because
you could be missing out.


I was sitting here watching the news when I heard them say,
"We're trying to find a cure."
Don't even remember what they were talking about.
I then turned to hubby and said,
"when was the last cure and what was it for?
They will not find a cure for things and if they
do it will not be available for ordinary people like us.
The reason being is that if they find cures for ailements
and diseases they can't make money off you!!
So for now people keep seeing specialists, doctors,
hospitals and taking all sorts of medicines."
Don't confuse "cures" with "vaccines"
as they are two different things.
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks this way.
Check THIS out!
I looked up to see when the last known cure was
and what it was for.
It was more than 50 years ago and it was for polio.
Don't you think with all the advancements in
medicine they would have found many more cures by now??!!
Something to think about. 


Hubby was going to get gas and asked if I wanted
to tag along to get some tobacco and tubes at the smoke
shop.  I told him I was good for a couple more days but
he figured kill two birds with one stone so I went.
 I get out of the car and walk up to the door of
the smoke shop.  The people running the place
are escorting a couple people outside telling
them to Get Out!  How nice!
Then upon entering I can smell some kind of
chemical, cleaner or whatever in the air.
I grab my stuff and head to the counter having
a coughing fit from whatever they were doing
in that store.  I could see a ladder on the floor
along with two fans sitting out but not on.
The store is not in the greatest condition which
would explain these items and probably repairs
they were making.  Now I have a scratchy throat
that is irritating me from whatever chemicals
they were using in that store.
It was very strong smelling!
There's no sense in it.  They could of done 
the repairs or cleaning or whatever it was after hours
or just shut down the store at that rate.


Sunday, January 27, 2013



Me and hubby went out on a follow up call
from last night about 8:30am this morning
then got another call for a no heat.
Once done a maintenance guy who lives on the
property invited us over for some breakfast
then we had to go to Kroger to pick up 
some groceries for the week.
Now back home trying to clean the kitchen up
and round up laundry and give the kids some lunch.

I bought some gummy vitamins at Kroger for the
kids since they were out.  I also bought
something called Immune C plus zinc
and echinacea gummies to go with those vitamins.
I'm giving the kids 2 gummy vitamins
and one immune one instead of 2 since
they are already getting some of these vitamins
in the multi vitamin.  Don't want to overdo it.
Plus I'm taking one of the immune ones as well
instead of taking a zicam.  I'll save those
for if someone does actually get a cold.

I've been researching echinacea.
It's made from a plant called purple coneflower
or black-eyed susan and has been used
for centuries in America to treat sickness.

I know I watch a lot of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.
Much of the history in that show is true.
Just the other day Dr. Quinn was treating an epidemic
and Sully wanted her to experiment with
Indian herbal medicine and she was hesitant to use it
until she got sick and Sully sent one of her children
out to the Indians to pick up purple coneflower
to make tea for her to get better and she did.
So what they used back then called purple coneflower is called
echinacea today to treat sickness and colds, same thing.
Just thought I would share that information with you.

Ok this is getting weird, lol.
We just checked the mailbox today because we forgot to
yesterday.  I got something in the mail and
when I checked the return address it said it was from...
Colorado Springs, CO
(Twilight zone music going off in background) 
FYI, Colorado Springs is where Dr. Quinn takes place.

Read HERE about the benefits of Echinacea.

If you take prescriptions or even other over the counter medicines please check with your doctor or pharmacist to see if there are any
drug interactions first.

If your doctor is like mine he may not wish to discuss
anything that is considered a home remedy
or herbal remedies.  I've asked doctors in the past
if hubby should take multi vitamins due to having
Diabetes 2 and he was totally against it.
And anytime I would mention anything about
home remedies he wouldn't listen to me.
Doctor's can't make money off you if you 
try to remedy yourself at home.
This is just me, but I believe doctors
and some of their prescribed medicines can do more
harm than good.


Still been running to work because of hubby's pager.
Got another 3 hours this afternoon.
A total of 16.75 hours this weekend alone so far
and still have another 15 hours to go
with freezing rain expected in about an hour
around 6:00pm.

Whew I'm getting tired.
I thought I was ahead of my game with things
to do around the house even though we've been gone most of the day.  I've been doing laundry in between
trips between home and work.
On our last trip home I put some taco meat
that was in a crock in the fridge into the crock pot base
and turned it on to warm hoping it would be warmed
up by the time we got back home and
I could just throw some tacos together.
Well crap, guess who forgot to plug the crock pot in?!
Now are thinking with the busy schedule we've
been having of running almost non stop
of stopping in and getting a few Little Ceasea pizzas
for $5 each.  Plus I need to get some gas in my truck
to take kids back and forth to the bus stop this week.
We've been saving gas by using hubby's car on the
weekends the last couple of weeks. 


Hubby has been wanting a phone holder to put on his belt.
He found a cheap one at the thrift store that was perfect
and had a clip that fit well on his belt.
The only problem was that it had pink on it.
I fixed it for him by dying it black.
I took a bottle of black and diluted and
and began blotting the paint on the fabric of
the cell phone holder.


Saturday, January 26, 2013



I got up at 8:15am because hubby was leaving for 
work to put some salt down around the property
and work on a call he got last night.

People, please learn what a breaker or fuse box is
and how to reset it.  So many people where hubby
works doesn't even know what one is.
So many emergency calls going out to reset
breakers and to tell people, hey you can't
overload your outlets with higher wattage appliances
like microwaves and hair dryers.
We've learned that we can't put our microwave
where the dishwasher is because running
both at the same time will trip the breaker. 

And sometimes we'll get a call for a power outage in
an apartment only to discover a red tag hanging
from their meter which signals that the power
company has turned their electric off for non payment
for a couple months.
Not a darn thing maintenance can do in that situation.
So many foreigner don't realize that they have
to pay those utility bills that come in the mail
and then wonder why things are shut off
a couple months after moving in.

I could write a book about maintenance and 
apartment living and the things that go on.
Another one,
Don't call maintenance to say you are cold
in your apartment and that the furnace isn't working well
when you don't have the thermostat set properly
and are running around in your boxers when we arrive
to address the situation.  This is Ohio.  You need to wear
clothing and turn up that thermosat
to keep warm!


Here's a tip for reusing jars and all sorts of
containers with lids.
Use them to store dry foods in!
I have made a pantry in my basement
between wall studs where I put shelves between them.
When your strapped for space even a 4 inch wide
shelf can be of much use.  By putting dry goods
in the jars it makes putting them on those small
shelves much easier.  Also by putting things in
containers with lids it keeps moisture and pests out of them
to help prolong their shelf life.
A cool and dark basement is the perfect place
to store them away from too much heat.

Here below I reuse 2 liter bottles and milk jugs to put
juices in.  They can also be used to store dry food such as
rice, oatmeal, beans, flour and the list goes on and on.
I also make funnels by cutting
off the tops of 2 liter pop bottles. 
Other containers I save,
spaghetti sauce jars, salsa jars, mayonnaise jars,
peanut butter jars and as of recently,
gatorade and kool aid containers.
I have canning jars and they can be expensive
to buy to store dry foods in.  That is why
I have looked for another alternate way
with saving other jars and containers roughly the same size
that are free.


I got some carrots sliced up in my food processor.
I used up about 2 pounds worth.

I put them in a crock pot to cook most of this afternoon
on high.  I'll use half of these to serve with some
deer roast.  The other half will be put in some rice
and served as a side to go with fish. 

Hubby's been after to me to make some
I whipped up a bowl up cookie dough and
have it setting in the fridge for 2 hours to firm up.
I tweaked the above recipe some.
I used whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour
because it was all I had.
I added a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon.
And lastly I used 1/2 cup butter and
1/2 cup pumpkin because I had some needing used up. 

I reduced the fat by using pumpkin.
Pumpkin along with oatmeal, peanut butter
and whole wheat flour is healthy for you. 
I know peanut butter can be fatty but the fat content ranks
up there with olive oil.
It has fiber, vitamins like potassium and minerals.
I don't think anyone will eat oatmeal around here
which is good for you so I've been sneaking it in
meats and snacks.


Hubby just got home after plowing
and doing a couple emergency calls like no heat,
water leaks, etc.
Here's another maintenance story for you.
Hubby says he went to check an apartment
which was a recent move out to make sure the
heat was left on.  He sees on the patio in the snow
where someone had tried to break into the
patio door.  Want to know the real kicker?!
The footprints leading up to the door in the snow
were from bare feet!!!

Kids are running out of vitamins
so need to get some this weekend.
Hubby gave me a high five just now praising
me for him feeling so much better.
Along with back spasms on the lower left side,
dark urine, charlie horses and constipation
I have alleviated the need for him to go to
the doctor by using home remedies!

Lower left backache with dark urine-
Plenty of water and cranberry juice to flush out kidneys and
urinary tract and heating pad for muscle pain.

Charlie horses/leg cramps during the night-
reduced sugar gatorade with potassium.

100% Cranberry juice.

Natural remedies sometimes work best.
It saved us probably a couple of trips to the doctor
because our doctor would of wanted a follow up trip or two
knowing him. 
Doc probably would have ran blood work, urine tests and
a possible xray to look for kidney stones,
all extra expenses for us.
There would have been time off work for all
these appointments.  Doc sends us
to another location for xrays.
Plus add in the cost for any prescriptions
he may have given for an infection.
All I see are dollar signs starting to add up.
So glad everything I've done for him, no matter
how simple, has helped him so much.
He was in so much pain a couple days ago
and could barely walk.  I swear I saw
a tear or two in his eyes from the pain.
Men rarely tear up from things
so it must of been that bad.
I know I wanted to rush him to Urgent Care.
2-3 days later and he is back to his old self.


And people wonder why I don't get flu shots, etc
and try to do things the natural way when possible.

800 European Children Develop Narcolepsy After Receiving H1N1 Vaccine

Donna Anderson January 23, 2013

On January 22, 2013, Reuters reported that nearly 800 children in Europe have developed narcolepsy, an incurable sleep disorder, after being immunized with the Pandemrix H1N1 swine flu vaccine produced by the British drugmaker, GlaxoSmithKline in 2009. Reports of spikes in narcolepsy cases are also surfacing in Finland, Norway, Ireland, France and Sweden.

During the 2009-2010 H1N1 swine flu pandemic, the vaccine was given to more than 30 million people in 47 countries. So far, a total of 795 people have reported developing the incurable sleep disorder after receiving the vaccine. Because it contains a booster, drug regulators have concerns about the vaccine and the shots have not been given here in the U.S.

According to the Reuters article, experts are hesitant to blame the vaccine. Questions still remain regarding how the narcolepsy cases might be linked to Pandemrix, what the triggers and biological mechanisms might have been, and whether or not genetic susceptibility have anything to do with it.

“’No-one wants to be the next Wakefield,’ said Mignot, a specialist in the sleep disorder at Stanford University in the United States, referring to the now discredited British doctor Andrew Wakefield who sparked a decades-long backlash against the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) shot with false claims of links to autism.”

Goran Stiernstedt, a public health official in Stockholm, Sweden, questions the wisdom and wonders if things should have turned out differently. The World Health Organization estimates that more than 18,500 people were killed during the 2009-2010 swine flu pandemic. Stiernstedt estimates that approximately 5 million people in Sweden received the shot. He also estimates that between 30 and 60 people in his country were saved from swine flu death. Yet, more than 200 cases of narcolepsy have already been reported in Sweden.

“This is a medical tragedy,” he said. “Hundreds of young people have had their lives almost destroyed.”

It’s estimated that between 200 and 500 people out of every million suffer from narcolepsy, an incurable, life-long condition which causes nightmares, hallucinations, sleep paralysis and episodes of cataplexy, a condition which occurs when strong emotions trigger a sudden and dramatic loss of muscle strength.

In the case of Emelie Olsson, a 14-year-old honors student who “loved playing the piano, taking tennis lessons, creating art and having fun with friends,” having fun is the emotional trigger that causes her to collapse.

“I can’t laugh or joke about with my friends any more, because when I do I get cataplexies and collapse,” she said in an interview at her home in the Swedish capital.

In January 2011, a Puerto Rico subsidiary of GlaxoSmithKline pleaded guilty to distributing adulterated drugs after whistleblower Cheryl Eckard went public on a “60 Minutes” report, detailing incidents of bacteria-tainted water being used to manufacture tablets, employees contaminating products in an attempt to save money, and mix-ups in medications due to production line failures.
In July of 2012, the U.S. Department of Justice and GlaxoSmithKline came to a $3 billion settlement agreement to resolve allegations that GSK broke U.S. laws in marketing several of their products. GSK pleaded guilty to misdemeanor criminal charges for illegally marketing antidepressants Paxil and Wellbutrin, and for failing to report the safety data on the diabetes drub, Avandia.

According to the Reuters report, “GSK is funding a study in Canada, where its adjuvanted vaccine Arepanrix, similar to Pandemrix, was used during the 2009-2010 pandemic. The study won’t be completed until 2014, and some experts fear it may not shed much light since the vaccines were similar but not precisely the same.”
@[393340810735212:274:The Unknown; but not hidden.]  <--- Join This Page

The quest for relief from pain has now resulted in the deaths of 19 people and a total of 247 confirmed infections of fungal meningitis from tainted steroid injections.
10 Reasons why a flu shot is more dangerous than a flu. 

1:00- 6:20pm

Went with hubby to his work out on emergency calls.
Went out to Groveport to hubby's friend's house
then back to work on a couple more calls.
Here below is where hubby's been spending
his time the last couple of days.   Plow boy!

A sign on a road beside Columbus Airport
on our way to Groveport.
Not today!!!   BRRRR!!!

Riding around the property and saw
this on top of one of the hills there...LOVE.

Back home and are so thankful for crock pot meals.
I fried up slices of deer roast made a couple days ago in the crock, finished making gravy and hubby made some 
mashed potatoes along with bread and butter.  
Served with some carrots in butter and maple syrup glaze 
that was cooking in the crock most of the day.


Nothing like some rib sticking grub for the belly!

I'm full and are ready to curl up in the chair in front
of the tv with my heating pad.  I overdid it yesterday
with shoveling.  Everything on my backside
from my neck down to my waist is soooo sore.
Tylenol or Ibuprofen has yet to do anything for me.


Ok I gotta stop this falling asleep in an upright position.
It's making me look old, lol.
I nodded off with the heating pad and when I awoke
my head was tilted down with my chin on my chest.
I thought, oh heck no and got back up for a few.
I was hoping no one had seen me but hubby
made sure to say he did.  Thanks.
My body has been sooo sore and the heating
pad feels sooo good on my back.
My ribs are hurting so bad they feel like someone
crushed them.  I don't dare cough or sneeze that's
for sure.