Tuesday, July 30, 2013



Slowly but surely starting to get over the 
joint pain.  Still not 100% but so much better than last week,
at least I can walk.
I have started taking the fish oil capsules again
so that may be helping.
It's helped in the past with joint pain.

Got supper rockin in the crock this morning.
Added in 2 cups water,
2 packets brown gravy,
worchestershire and steak sauce,
1 can tomato soup,
bunch of deer tenderloin seasoned with season and garlic salt,
bag of mini carrots
and an onion chopped into large pieces.
Later on I'll cut up and boil some potatoes to go with it.


YEAHHHH!  I am finally able to get back down
to the basement after being down and out for over a week.
I have brought up 6-7 boxes or furniture this morning.
That is saying a lot!!
I knew this body pain would let up eventually
but riding it out totally sucked and hurt like a bitch!
Annnndd, that's about as far as I got because I 
only had one acetaminophin left :(


My stomach feels raw and is gurgling up a storm
like some alien is trying to escape.
People with Crohn's have to take note of what they
eat that could cause flare ups or other stomach
problems.  Something in the deer stew
isn't agreeing with me that's for sure.

Heard through the grapevine that hubby's property
is up for sale.  That's gonna suck.  Different rules,
different bonuses if any (when they sold last time all the guys lost
out on getting paid gas mileage at work), different insurance
and it goes on and on.  Been there done that once already
and you just never know who will take over
and how they will treat their employees.
Maybe there's a chance at getting better health insurance
at a little bit of a cheaper cost.
Because right now it's something like $620 a month
and I swear it doesn't cover much.
Our last two trips, one to urgent care and one
to the eye doctor, the insurance didn't pay a dime!
WTH!?  Just doesn't make sense.



Went to the Ohio State Fair yesterday.
My kids have never been to it and it's been
forever since me and hubby have been.
We were there about 6 hours and were
wore out!!  Don't know how I got through it
all with the pain I'm in but I did it.
Many breaks that's for sure.

I took mom to a couple thrift stores this morning.
I must not be in the mood to go to thrift stores,
yard sales or the flea market because I either 
don't buy anything or don't buy much.

Today I was hoping to find another steamer.
I had to throw the one away I had because
it quit working.  I did manage to find a garment steamer
for $6.96.  I can use that on clothing, drapes,
furniture, car uppholstery and mattresses.  It's kinda hard to use
a floor steamer that will leak when held up
to do those tasks.
It has a telescoping pole where you can
hang garments on to steam them then retract to store it.

Another thing I found was a downspout diverter
still new in the box for $2.92!
I've always wanted one for use with rain barrels.
Rain water will go down the gutter into the rain barrels and once
it fills up the diverter reroutes the rain water
to go back out the downspout.
These run about $30 so I've haven't been 
able to afford one til now.

Saturday, July 27, 2013



Here in a little bit we are heading to Mt Carmel West hospital.
My father-in-law had a stroke.
Didn't find out til hubby tried to call him and wish
him a happy birthday Thursday evening.
His birthday is actually today.
No one had told us and I'm not sure if anyone would of
told us if we hadn't of called.  Then my mother-in-law
told us this is the 5th one he's had this year!!!
Did not even have a clue that he had been
having problems this year or had been in the hospital.
No one bothered to tell us!!

My father-in-law went into the hospital Thursday
and they released him Friday only to still have
problems and turn around and have to go
back to the hospital Friday afternoon/evening.
He's started having problems about
12 years ago, having heart attacks/strokes and 
operations.   He had to end up quitting his job
where me and hubby used to work
and he was our supervisor.

This would suck to have to spend your birthday
in the hospital.  I know, I took my first ambulance
ride and a trip to the emergency room on
my 40th birthday.


So I'm standing out front along the street talking
to mom who had brought us down some dessert
when we hear this weird noise that caught our attention.
My neighbor who parks some of their cars along
the side street had gotten into her car that was parked
beside some bushes and for some reason
cranked her wheels when backing up and
totally drove the front part of the car over the bushes!
The sound we heard was the plastic nose almost
came completely off the car from the headlights down,
it was completely hanging by a thread and dragging the ground!

Friday, July 26, 2013



Well hopefully my empty living room is about to change
soon this morning.
Hubby called to say they are getting ready
to load up the sofa and recliner in the company truck.
I was hoping to be here when they arrived
but I don't know with taking mom to the church
sale at 9:30.  The lawn furniture has been put away, lol.
Will be so nice to have some comfy furniture to lounge on!


Just got back from our outing.
Spent a whopping .50 cents at the church sale
and it wasn't even something I picked out.
My son got a internet cord.
From there we drove around looking for more sales.
Found some but still didn't buy anything.
Had to make a pit stop back at the house
because hubby and his boss brought 
the living room furniture over.
Then we walked around an old graveyard of all things.
I think the oldest tombstone we found was from 1833.
From there I took mom up to Hoover Reservoir's boardwalk
and walked most of it.  Then stopped by
Galena's Diner for lunch.  Went to a couple
more yard sales and didn't buy anything
then on our way home I drove mom past the
auto repair place that caught fire yesterday.
I am sooo tired and ready to take a nap
on our "new" couch.
This was left behind in an apartment that
someone moved out of!

Thursday, July 25, 2013



My redneck living room, lol.
Hoping that will change soon.


Ran out of pop so decided to get out the Sodastream
and whip up a couple batches.
I made diet cherry cola and 
Mio strawberry watermelon.
Kids gave the Mio one a thumbs up!
Found Mio at Big Lots for $1.20 a bottle.


Got a maintenance call earlier from mom, lol.
Fixed it with no problem.  I should hope so
after working and being along side of maintenance
guys for the past 16 years.
Her garbage disposal quit working and
she had a sink clog.
Went down to her house and rebooted the garbage disposal.
You can usually find a button on the bottom
of the disposal to press to reboot.
With the disposal on I had mom hold a plunger over one drain hole in the sink and I plunged the drain with the disposal a couple
of times til the water went down.
Worked like a charm.
Got paid in Popeyes Chicken, lol.


Went to Ci Ci's tonight for a late anniversary dinner.
Hubby didn't have to work late tonight.
With overtime and a bonus coming up I think
we've decided to splurge and maybe go
to the fair this weekend.
If we get our tickets and wrist bands ahead
of time at Kroger we can save about $16.

Me and hubby just put our old furniture out front
 to get hauled away
tomorrow morning when they bring over
our new furniture.  Yup, everything is still hurting
on me as my body kept reminding me over and over again.
I can say I do feel some improvement with the pain
so I'm trying not to get into a rush of doing things
like the basement.  It can wait.
It's waited 5 years.  Taking it slow and easy.
I know these guys are gonna break their backs
with this new furniture considering it
has a total of 3 recliners and is probably VERY heavy.

Tonight on our way home from eating out
we decided to drive by Steve's Used Tires.
I saw on channel 10's Facebook page that it caught fire today.
Well it wasn't Steve's/Sandy's Used Tire place
considering they were still open and doing business as usual.
Drove up the street to turn around and that's
when we found where the actual fire had been.
It was Roy's Auto Repair at Northern Lights
that caught fire.  Building is a total loss along
with whatever cars they were working on in their garage.

Whelp it's almost 10:30pm and I'm heading to bed soon.
My back isn't feeling the greatest and hurts like heck!
I see I'm going to have a lovely night 
of trying to sleep.
Tomorrow morning I'm taking mom down the
street to a church sale.
Hoping to do that before the guys bring over the furniture.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013



I had a horrible evening with pain.
I have tried everything from walks, muscle cream, stretching, 
Tylenol/Ibuprofen, a really hot bath & a heating pad.
I went and laid in bed last night at 8:30pm.
It didn't matter what I did I was always in pain
so just thought I would lay down again whether
it was watching tv or sleeping.
A couple times I just bawled my eyes out.

Pain equals another rant of mine.
If I don't get it out here I am liable to go off on this person!

Hubby's had a rough past week with the on call pager.
Come Monday when the pager went to
someone else he was ready for somewhat of a slow down.
He's still working overtime at work but no pager.
Each evening this week when he gets home 
and settles in for the night he likes to have a few
beers to chill out from the stress of work
because it's a very busy time right now at work with
tons of move outs and move ins with college students
starting school in another month or so.
Plus now on top of this the big wigs of the company
are coming out this week to do an inspection of the property.

Here's the thing they have going on at his work-
when you are on call with the emergency pager
you have a specific back up person
to call should you have any problems you cannot
handle alone.  The newest person on call that I call
Mr. Know It All had tried to call his back up person
last night to come help with a drain clog.
That person did not answer their phone.
There is an area at hubby's work that has some weird
drains back to back with other apartments
and they are tough to get unclogged.
Usually they are told to call an outside source
to fix the problem like Water Works.
Well Mr. Know It All ( a person who I don't care for
to begin with) calls hubby wanting him to come out
and help him since his back up person was
not answering his phone.  Hubby told him
he couldn't because he had too many beers to drive
over there.  And I sure as hell wasn't going to drive
him because of barely being able to walk.
Hubby told him to call Water Works.
Mr. Know It All wasn't pleased with his answer
of not coming out to help him and said he was not going to
call Water Works and hung up in a huff.
After I found out about it I was so pissed off
it wasn't funny.  Did this person really think my
hubby was going to drive after drinking?!
All hubby kept saying the rest of the evening was,
"I'm going to be in trouble at work tomorrow."
I thought, you know what, if you get in trouble
for not coming to work because you were too intoxicated
to drive when it was your time off work then let me at them.
I said I won't hesitate to go over there
and give someone a piece of my mind over this situation!
Don't let this one a-hole get to you!
And yes, A-hole thinks he's got connection with the upper
people in the office and won't hesitate to go
tattle tale on people.
Oh as if that wasn't enough, about an hour, maybe less,
later Mr. Know It All calls, lets it ring one time
and then hangs up!  I thought ok, he accidentally
called our number trying to reach someone else.  
Oh no, I don't think it was
accidental when it happened again at almost midnight,
ring, ring, answer, then hang up.
Like I said, I don't care for him to begin with,
and he don't want me giving my opinion right now of him!
He knows I don't like him but try to tolerate him
because hubby considers him a friend and has to work with him.
I don't need alcohol to give someone a piece
of my mind, all I need is pain!  And that I've got.
I was borderline of going to the hospital last
night and this effer wants to call and play hang up games
like a 2 year old.  
It's not like he's immuned from drinking on his days
off or after work either when he doesn't have the pager.
Stopped by one evening for a visit after being out on an
emergency page last week to visit him and he was so sloshed
it wasn't funny.  He lives on the property and thinks
he knows how to work on everything when he doesn't.
He tries to play supervisor when he is not.
When hubby visits him at his home after work
he talks down to him about work.
My hubby has been there 12.5 years and this guy
only a couple of years.  This guy thinks he is the greatest
and treats hubby like he is at the bottom of the
totem pole and knows nothing.
I don't know why hubby cannot see this but I do.
I'm tired of it!  
Hubby called Mr. Know It All the other day when
there was a power outage one night with a question
and when I heard him ask him,
"am I doing the right thing? " or something to that affect,
I was very loud in the background saying,
"why are you asking him that?  He is not your boss,
he's just another coworker so quit treating him
like he's your supervisor!"
I just got the usual, "shhhh" and the hand wave
to settle down.

Oh this guy makes my skin crawl.
And he wonders why he has never been married,
can't get a girlfriend or doesn't have any kids.
I could write a book why!
I'm not the only spouse at hubby's work that doesn't
care for this person either.
Hubby's supervisor's wife can't stand him either.


A high of only 73 today with no humidity,

Getting ready to throw some pork chops
in the crock with a can of apple pie filling for supper.
Once done I'll remove the chops and add some
stuffing to the apples.  Serve with some corn.


So yesterday me and hubby went to Big Lots
even with all the pain I was in.
Thank God for shopping carts because
to me that was like using a rolling walker to get around.
Before we left he says to me,
why don't you get dolled up a little before we go out.
I said, "do I look like I want to get dolled up
feeling like total crap?"
He didn't say a word, lol.
I then said, "fine, if I don't look up to par to be
going to Big Lots then we need to make 
a change of plans and go to Walmart,
I'll fit in just fine there!"


When I have nothing to do but sit around my mind wanders.
Today it's wandering to Mr. Know It All who seems
like a two faced back stabber.

One time last year during warmer weather someone moved out
and I had found a really nice snow shovel we
could of really used.  Hubby was visiting Mr. Know It All
and I asked if I could put the shovel on his patio
til I came back over in a couple of days with my
truck because it wouldn't fit in hubby's car.
 I left it there even though he didn't seem too
happy about it.  Went back over days later to
pick it up and he threw it out!!
I know I shouldn't bitch about something piddly like that.
It was free so it was no loss to me right?
But here's what gets me...
You are not allowed to have grills at the apartment
complex.  Mr. Know It All had one and had asked if he could
store it at our house.  1.5 to 2 years later
it's still sitting here in my way and taking up needed space.  
Maybe I should of thrown it out!
Getting my drift now?!
I scratch your back and you stab mine, hmmmm.

Mr. Know It All doesn't like that I smoke so I use
it as an excuse not to go into his studio apartment
when hubby visits and will go walk around or
sit outside somewhere.
Mr. Know It all chews tobacco and that's much
more disgusting than smoking cigarettes if ya ask me
but I never say anything to him about it
as he's whizzing a loogie by my head.
He spits tobacco everywhere!
Hubby said one day he parked next to the maintenance shop
and everyone was inside.  Mr. Know It all opens
the shop door and spits a big ole goober of
tobacco juice out the door and all over hubby's car.
Hubby saw it and said something to him about it.
Mr. Know It All went outside and used his
shirt sleeve to half ass wipe the crap off his car.
And everyone would have bet that if no one
saw it he would not have cleaned it off!

Oh here we go with Miss Girlfriend now.
Gotta name for everyone, lol.
Haven't talked about Truck Driver neighbor in awhile
because he's been keeping to himself, thank Goodness!
Don't need no soap opera on tv because
These Are The Days of my Life!
She's trying to sell me old and outdated
regular Xbox games.
Did ya catch those words, SELL ME?!
This is from a person that expected me to just
up and give her a $1,000 purse the other day
and expects me to find all this stuff for their
rental place for FREE.
The games aren't worth nothing,
maybe .50 cents to $1.00 each if you can find a buyer for them.
Heck Gamestop won't buy or sell them anymore
if that tells you anything.
So she tells me she's going to put them in a yard sale.
Then asks, after telling her that I have to watch my spending,
if I would want to come to their yard sale.
Well obviously they are having a yard sale
to raise money for their new place and are
spending the money they should be saving.
I haven't been to a yard sale in awhile trying to cut back
plus I am finding freebies at hubby's work this
time of year.  And here's an awesome thought,
I get those a lot can't ya tell, lol,
the stuff they are probably putting in the yard sale
is probably stuff I gave my son to begin with for free
and now she wants to sell it back to me.
Is it my nap time yet???!!!


I think I just took almost an hour hot bath!
It seems to of helped for now.
This is the best I have felt in awhile now and that's saying a lot!
When I say I hot bath I mean no cold water flowing
through at all!
Filled the tub half way up, turned the water off,
washed and what not, then after about 10 minutes
turned the hot water on again to fill the bathtub
up the rest of the way.  This way I knew the hot
water tank had recently fired up
and gave me nice and hot water.
Whelp hubby is on his way home.
Time to mix up some stuffing and get some
corn warmed up for supper to go with the chops.

Just weighed myself again.
I'm down to 134 pounds.
Told ya'll I haven't felt well.
Down from 141 pounds.
That's 7 pounds now without even trying!


Hubby took me over to his work to show me
something the boss and supervisor found for us
today while walking a vacated apartment.
He wouldn't tell me what it was til we got there.
It's a 3 seat sofa with recliners on both ends
and a matching recliner.  
Camel color and microfiber.
Our furniture hasn't been working out for us
and we've pretty much been without any
living room furniture other than lawn chairs.
So this was a blessing.  This furniture looks brand new!
Still has plastic on it in some areas!
After their inspection tomorrow or Friday
hubby and supervisor is going to load up the
furniture in the work truck and bring it here!
It will be so nice to have furniture to sit or lay
on once again to watch tv!
Supervisor is so nice and will go out of his
way to do things for us at times!
See sometimes you have to do without things
that no one even knows about.
Yeah it sucks but what else are you supposed to do.
If you are patient God will see things through.
And to think yesterday while in Big Lots
me and hubby were trying out different sofas
and recliners to see how the other half lives.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013



I noticed a couple fleas on our cats.
They have flea collars.
I don't have the money to run out and buy expensive
flea treatments so needed a home remedy.
I found one that says to put 1 part 
Avon's Skin So Soft Oil to 5 parts water
in a spray bottle and spray it on their fur.
Well I know my cats won't go for that because
they are trained to run from a spray bottle for being bad.
So instead I mixed it up in a bowl and dipped
a wash cloth in it and rubbed it on their back
and heads.  That's as far as I got before they
took note that they were getting wet and ran.
You will need to reapply this every 6 days
to keep fleas off them.

Avon's Skin So Soft Bath Oil is also great to use
in a spray bottle mixed with water to use
as an insect repellent on your skin when outside.

You can also spray it around doors, windows, trash cans
to keep the bugs out.
If you have bees nests use insect spray to kill them
and remove nest.  Spray with SSS to keep them from coming back.

Add some to a wash cloth and let it sit in your
car as an air freshener.

Mist it on your vegetable's plant leaves in the garden
to deter unwanted insects.


Got some chili going in a crock.
I added in some red kidney beans I have been soaking
overnight in water with a little baking soda,
2 cans tomato soup, 1/3rd can of leftover spaghetti sauce,
1 pound hamburger 
(cooked & drained before adding other ingredients),
can of tomatoes with juice and a packet of chili seasoning.
Will serve with crackers, shredded cheddar cheese
and onions.


I put miss girlfriend/fiance to the test.
She asked if we were going swimming tonight.
Told her no, hubby has to work late and I haven't
been hardly able to walk for the past couple of days.
She has a short term memory because I've had
to tell her hubby is working overtime so many 
times now my head is starting to spin!
She's roaring to go places since my oldest son
got his vehicle fixed I see.
She has no car or license and is 25 years old.
I don't know why and I don't ask.
She asks me what I did to not be able
to walk and if they could still go swimming even
though we weren't going, all in the same sentence.
I deliberately left out what has happened to me
and just told them they could go swimming.
Then she asks when the pools close, if they could cook out,
yaddah yaddah.
Her conversation goes in the direction of what can I get out of 
you once again, wanting the permission to use the pool
and grill at hubby's work.  
The conversation never went back to,
why can't you hardly walk.  
I don't expect a pity party or anything of the sort
but if one day you plan to become family
you're going to have to show that you care somewhat.
So far she's failing my tests.
So far all I see is give me, give me, what can you do for me.
I don't expect her to do anything for me but the
thought of caring would be nice.
Sure would be nice if they go swimming if they
would stop by for a visit considering
they would only be 5 miles away.
I'm sure that won't happen.
She don't like to stay long when they do visit.
Do you think she would say to my son,
we better check up on your mom since
we're on this end of town because she is not feeling well,
maybe she needs help with something?
To me all I see out of her is that she can
be a little mean and controlling at times.
Now if I said I found a purse for her she
would be over here in a heartbeat and stay about a minute!
Oh another thing I cannot stand is that if someone IMs you
and you respond right away, then why in the world
does it take 45 minutes to respond back to a person.
I'm not the one starting the conversation.
Oh this drives me nuts.  Yup, she does that.

Yes I'm still in a lot of pain!  No I can't get
around very well.  Yes I still have many things
I would like to get done and it's pissing me
off that I can't do them at the moment.
I get irritable and the pain starts talking.
I've tried ibuprofen and icy hot pain rub.
Nothing is working.

So there's my rant for today.

Monday, July 22, 2013



It appears that the little walk me and hubby did last
night didn't do anything to help my hip pain.
It still bothered me last night while trying to sleep
but wasn't as bad as the night before.
This morning getting up and trying to walk
was the same.  It hurts so bad that I have to
find things to hold onto as I walk.
I'm hoping it will go away soon like it usually
does but in the meantime it's a real bitch to deal with!

I feel like everything is fighting me to work on this
basement.  First my truck brake lights have a mind
of their own and work when they want to.
I need the truck to haul crap out of here.
Then there's Crohn's which makes visits
making me feel really tired, achy and tries to
see how many bathroom trips I can make in one day
and lastly there's this hip pain making it difficult to even walk or sleep.  
It's actually pain that is in the upper left buttock area which
I wonder if it is sciatic nerve pain because
I can at times feel it going down my leg,
sometimes to my knee, sometimes to my ankle and foot.
All I know is it REALLY hurts!!


Well I got a little bit of rest this morning before
hearing the loud and blaring warnings come
across the tv for flash flooding in our area.
Soon after mom called to tell me is was really
pouring rain outside.  I had no clue since I was asleep.
I know we cleaned our gutters not long ago
and it was raining so hard the water was overflowing
the gutters.  Every once in a blue moon when it rains
this hard is when we would get a little water
running through the basement so I went and checked
on that and sure enough there was.
It was coming from the front basement wall 
and running towards the drain in the laundry room
in which the water had to go underneath
another non brick wall in the basement.
Thank goodness the breaker box is not leaking like
in the past where it took out the main breaker
and we lost power to half of our house.
I have been noticing that when people get new breaker
boxes installed they seem to leak so be sure
to go outside and caulk around any and all holes
going through your basement walls from wiring
to cables.  Once I caulked everything the leaking stopped
around the breaker box.


Had to go out in the rain and clear a stick blocking
the downspout of a gutter.
I then took a gander at the yard behind the fence
and it's starting to flood into my garden.
Looks like we could get more heavy rain coming
up from the Cincinatti area heading NE.
Hubby said the main drive of where he works
looks like a river flowing through there!


Hubby just called to say he's got more
mandatory overtime at least til Wednesday of this week.
I'm sure there will be lots more to come
from now til around September.
For the past week he will have put in 19 hours overtime
for a total of 59 hours.

I read that we got between 2 to 2.5 inches of rain
today, mostly this morning and that's the reason
for the flooding.  More rain to come overnight and into tomorrow.


I have been so tired and sore today with my back 
and not walking the greatest that supper isn't
going to be much.  I opened a box of 
cheesy bacon scalloped potatoes,
added in some of my own homemade sliced
dehydrated potatoes and are going to call it a meal.
It's making a real big casserole dish full of 'em.
They can scoop it into a bowl, add some milk, french onions,
crackers or whatever.

Tomorrow I'm thinking about making some chili.
HERE is a simple recipe made with tomato soup.
I got some red kidney beans I'll be soaking overnight tonight.


This evening ibuprofen just laughed in my face
and said we're through.
Hasn't helped the first lick.
Feeling miserable all over.  Of course hubby wanted
to go for another walk and it was all I could
do to get in and out of a car let alone walk,
but I did it.  He seems to think that if I sit around
sometimes that is what is making my body hurt more
and I should go out and exercise to loosen it up.
If he only knew :0(
I had been working my butt off in the basement,
going places with the family and helping him at work
plus my regular mom duties around the house
with cooking, cleaning and laundry.
I do this at full speed when I can because
I know days like these will catch up with me
and it SUCKS!!
Like I always say, picture getting the flu
and the body aches and pains, tiredness
and sometimes a mild fever
that comes with it.  
That's how I feel lots of times but it's not the flu
or a virus.  It's all symptoms of Crohn's.
It knocks you out in one punch when 
the symptoms come knocking.
I went back to bed this morning because I was so tired
from pain and not sleeping well.
Hell I didn't even know it was pouring down
rain outside and flooding in places til mom called and woke me up.
I went back to bed this afternoon as well
because the tiredness and pain overwhelmed me
and I'm getting ready to go to bed for the night
and I feel like I could sleep again no problem.
I'm tired of being tired and in pain.
Ya know what upset me most during our walk tonight?
A female senior citizen blew by us on the
walking trail.  Me, I looked like a hunchbacked troll
that crawled out from underneath a bridge
trying to walk for the first time.
How old do you have to be to get some pain medicine
or some type of relief?!!!
I don't think I can wait another 20-30 years!
I've told my doctor the pain is so bad at times
and nothing.