Tuesday, October 29, 2013



I have been up every half hour since midnight.
I finally just got up at 5:15am and stayed up.
My stomach is cramping up so bad I sit here crying my eyes out.
I'm ready to go to the doctor's, hospital,
wherever it may be so I don't have to suffer anymore.
I can't take it no more.
All I want to do is sleep when possible.
I have no energy, lost 10 pounds,
have diarrhea, hot and cold flashes,
my stomach cramps up like labor pains.
You can feel it start off small then gradually
worsen within seconds then will gradually go
down and go away and then repeat itself.
I have very little appetite.
I can feel my stomach growling at times
but no food looks good to eat.
And if I do eat, even the smallest portion,
my stomach bloats up.
Hubby wants to take me to urgent care
but I don't think urgent care knows how
to deal with Crohn's properly.
I drink fluids as much as possible.
I'm hardly drinking any pop and mostly water
all the time.  I still fear I may be dehydrated
because I've had it happen so many times before
even though I try to keep fluids in me all the time.
Well it's almost 6:30am.  I'm still taking the kids
to the bus stop somehow then calling mom
to see what to do or if she can take me
wherever I need to go.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013





Hurting all over.  Soooo tired that all I want
to do in the mornings upon returning from
the bus stop is lay back down for about 4 hours.
I still feel extremely tired the rest of the day after a nap.

Tonight is a freezer meal supper of Goulash.
On days like these I don't feel like
standing in the kitchen to make meals let alone
doing much of anything else.



Still in a lot of back pain that I laid back down soon after
taking the boys to the bus stop.
I took one ibuprofen to at least help me some.
I'm not supposed to take it with my Crohn's 
nor am I supposed to take it with Moringa supplements
but I am at my wits end with pain and not
being able to get around too good.

Brr this morning for October.

I have kept telling the family that I'm going to
make some chocolate chip cookies.
I've been putting it off for about three days now.
I stopped buying packages of cookies in the store
because it's not in our budget.
If we want cookies I'll have to make them from scratch,
sort of.  I started with one packet of Betty Crocker
oatmeal cookie mix.  I threw in 1/2 c. whole wheat flour,
1/2 c. all purpose flour, 3/4 c. brown sugar, 1/4 c. white sugar,
2 small boxes vanilla instant puddings, 2 T. vanilla extract,
2 additional eggs, 1 1/2 c. oatmeal & 1 c. butter 
and whole bag of mini chocolate chips.
I used the oatmeal cookie mix as a starter mix
to making these chocolate chip cookies
then just started adding things I already had in the pantry
to stretch it much further.
I lined my baking sheets with parchment paper
to make clean up and removing cookies easier 
and I used a 2 T. coffee scoop
to put the cookie dough on the sheets.
Bake 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes,
remove from oven and let sit 5 minutes more on cookie sheet
then place on cooling racks.


Monday, October 21, 2013



Well all I can write about from today is how much
pain I am in.  Constant back spasms that do not go away
when standing, sitting, walking, laying down,
taking a hot massaging shower or a heating pad.
Ok I give, someone please give me the combination
to make the pain go away.  I can't take much more
of walking like I've got a corn cob shoved up my rear
or wallering in my seat like there's ants in my pants
just trying to get comfortable.

Sunday, October 20, 2013



I got to sleep in til 8:30am.  Everyone else was up
so decided to get up and work on breakfast
of sausage gravy and biscuits with
a cinnamon roll on the side.

The temperature got down to 38 degrees last night
and hubby said the temperature in here dropped
to 66 degrees so he turned on the furnace to 72.
I turned it back just a notch to 71 because that's where it
likes to stay at once I start baking and cooking
without turning it on.
Ever since I've been up baking biscuits,
warming up the cinnamon rolls and frying sausage
the furnace has yet to kick back on, HA, lol.
Me and furnace have an agreement to not kick
on unless really needed. lol.

Y'all know why we're getting these cold temps
with a possible freeze and snow in the forecast
this week?
The jet stream is dipping far South out of Canada
due to the Typhoon (Hurricane) that hit Japan.


I've been weighing myself these past two weeks
with this Crohn's flare up.  When you go through
a flare up you don't feel like eating much
so as to not disturb your belly any further.
In a week and a half I've lost 8 pounds.
I eat when the moment arises and I feel like eating
not because the clock tells me it's breakfast, lunch or supper time.

Still taking it slow and easy and trying to get things done.
I got the last load of laundry in the washer
and are working on switching out the Winter
clothes with the Summer clothes.
Not having fun with that.
That is a lot of work to go through, get out,
put away and sort through to see what doesn't fit anymore.
I have a large shelf in a room in the basement
that has large totes on it.
Everyone is designated a tote for their
seasonal clothing.
That is a new thing I started this past Summer
when going through the basement cleaning it.
I want to get better organized.

Instead of rewashing everything that's been stored
since Spring, I mean what's the point since it
was washed when stored, I either put a damp towel
in the dryer with a dryer sheet and the dry clothes
for about 5 minutes to freshen up and remove wrinkles.
Or I finely mist each piece of clothing with
a spray bottle and put in the dryer with a dryer sheet
for 5 minutes.


Hubby sure jumped the gun this morning with the
furnace and turning it on.
Ever since I got up and turned it back a couple of degrees
it never came on again and has been holding
a steady 72 degrees.

Saturday, October 19, 2013



I'm struggling really hard to get around.
With all the inflammation it has now
triggered the sciatic nerve in my left
hip and down my leg.
As long as I move slow I can still get some things done.

Right now I got a pound of sausage fried up,
drained and added a little water and
taco seasoning to make taco pie with.
Then I added in a can of drained diced tomatoes
and some velveeta style cheese.
When time for supper I'll bake it to warm it up
and add shredded cheddar taco cheese on top
with lettuce and sour cream.

Next I took my leftover bbq pork ribs and cut
them up, added some carrots, potatoes
and a packet of pork seasoning to them
to make like a beef stew kinda pie but with pork.
I should get 2 pies from this.
Thinking about making up some more pizza dough
to add to the tops like a pot pie.
Then lastly I still need to work on a shepherd's pie
with a meatloaf and veggie type filling
topped with mashed potatoes.
That will probably be later on.


With all this cooking I still have no need to turn
the furnace on. It's staying 70 degrees in here
and it's 46 degrees outside with rain.
Every little bit of money saved around here at
the moment is a big plus plus!


Getting ready to go to the thrift store.
I did an inventory of the boy's Winter clothes
and see I need pants for one son
and sweaters for the other.
Next week they say is gonna get cold
with possible snow flurries so I need to get
these items now.

You can't always go by sizes on clothing.
Me and hubby aren't taking the boys with us
clothes shopping and are going by ourselves.
So to make sure jeans/pants will fit (hopefully),
I put a piece of yarn around my son's waist
and cut it and did the same for the length.
I labeled each string with tape and when
I go shopping for pants I'll use those pieces of
string as a guide.


Time for supper of taco pie.

I spent about $17 on clothes at the thrift store.
I got 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of sports pants,
4 fleece long sleeve shirts.
Everything averaged about $1.99 a piece.

Plus I splurged on a nice and heavy OSU scarf
for $3.99 to put back as a Christmas gift.


Yeah! my Moringa capsules came today.
So ready to give them a try.
I don't expect a miracle or nor do I expect them
to work right away.
Will report with any noticeable changes
over time of taking them.
I'm literally just tired of being in pain!!!


I decided to make up some sweet treats for breakfasts,
cinnamon rolls, GIANT cinnamon rolls, lol!

I'm all about taking shortcuts when and where
I can with cooking.  So I invented these 
quick rolls (minus the amount of time spent in the
bread machine, but hey I didn't have to do the work
of mixing, rising, timing).
I cut the pizza dough in quarters then for each quarter
I stretched it out into a long snake and spiraled
it into a greased pie pan leaving some gaps
between the spirals.
In a zip baggie I added
1/2 cup soft butter, 2 teaspoons cinnamon and 1.2 cup butter.
Mush it all together with your fingers
then cut a small tip off the corner of the bag
and pipe the cinnamon mix in between
the dough spirals.
Bake 350 degrees 10 minutes.

FYI- don't walk out of the kitchen to stand and watch
tv while stretching out the dough into what looks
like a snake.  Cats don't like snakes and my one
cat flipped out seeing that in my hand and started
hissing and growling at me!  OMG!
It was funny.

Anyways while my cinnamon rolls were baking
I poured powdered sugar, a little milk
and some maple flavoring into another zip
bag and mushed it around with my fingers.
Then snipped off the corner once the 
rolls were baked and oozed it all over the tops of them
and spread with the backside of a spoon.

These very large rolls in each pie pan are not intended
for one person!  I plan to cut them into four's and
serve them that way.
Three of them will go into the freezer for another breakfast.


Friday, October 18, 2013



41-42 degrees outside and 68 degrees inside our home.
The humidifier has helped to make the air
feel warmer in here.
Humidity is 60% in the house.
Still have not turned the furnace on.
Last years gas bill was $54 for 11/1
this year's gas bill for 11/1 is $27,
half of last years.


I went ahead and baked up the 4 pizza pie doughs
I made the other day.
I still need a few ingredients from the store to 
put them together like shredded cheese.
I was thinking about doing a taco pizza pie
with fried sausage, cheese, taco seasoning &
tomatoes topped with lettuce and sour cream.


Kids are complaining the house is cold at 68 degrees.
First of all I told them to put some clothes on.
Shorts and no shirts aren't cutting it around
here when you tell me you are cold without
first putting on the propper attire.
I fired up the oven and got a large pot
of potatoes boiling on the stove.

I peeled all my potatoes this time around
as requested by the kids.
I got to looking at all those potato skins
thinking it's such a waste to throw them away
so I searched for a recipe that I could
possibly make with them.
Parmesan Potato Skin Chips.
I won't be making them now so I put the skins
in a bowl of cold water with some
lemon juice to soak to preserve them better. 
I'll drain here in a few
then pack them up for the freezer.
Me and hubby might want a treat some 
night of potato skin chips maybe with
a sprinkling of cheddar cheese on top also.

Anyways back to the potatoes.
I'm gonna mash some up for one of those
pizza doughs and make a shepherd type pie with it
and put mashed taters on the top of a meat and
vegetable filling.
Some will go towards a potato soup
hubby has been requesting.
The rest will be used in a beef (maybe bbq pulled pork)
stew type pizza pie with potatoes and carrots.
I did reserve 3 very large potatoes 
to have as baked potatoes one night.

So even though 10 pound bags of potatoes
seem costly at $3 to $4 a bag they go far in our home.
My bag of potatoes will have gone for
5 meals at $3.00 a 10 pound bag is .60 cents
going towards making each of those meals.

In about 20-25 minutes between boiling potatoes
and turning the oven on (now off) with door open,
I have increased the temperature in our home
from 68 degrees to 72 degrees,
a 4 degree difference.
That should hold good for the rest of the night.
Everyone has stopped complaining
about being cold now.

Thursday, October 17, 2013



Brrr out this morning compared to yesterday.
Yesterday morning at this time it was 64 degrees
now this morning it's 42 degrees, a 22 degree difference.
Still don't have the furnace on and it's 70 degrees
inside our home.  I'm sure that will be changing
in the near future this or next week.  We'll see how 
long we can go.  I'm a person that likes warmth
but I also like lower utility bills.
Well time to get the kids ready and out the door for school.


Just got done making 9 pancakes,
8 for the freezer and 1 for breakfast this morning for me.
I found complete pancake mixes marked
down at Kroger for $1.29 a box.
To jazz them up a bit I added 1.5 packets
of hot chocolate with marshmallows mix
to the pancake batter.

Next I got 3.3 pounds of pork ribs with
2 bottles of bbq sauce going in the crock.
Mom bought me the package of pork ribs
because she knew I liked them.

So far I have three meals planned with this
and we'll see if I have any leftover for more
after that.  If I do then I just store the leftovers
in the freezer as is til I figure out what to use them for.
1.  BBQ pulled pork over mashed potatoes.
2.  BBQ pulled pork taquitos
3.  Some will go into a deep dish pizza pie.

I've been keeping my eye on turkeys at the store
looking for them to come down in price
so I can splurge on one to make many meals with.
So far I've seen them at Kroger this week
for .88 cents a pound.  Will wait longer
to see if they come down more because right now
on sale they are averaging about $25.
I'm assuming we're going to hubby's parents
house again for Thanksgiving so any turkey(s)
we buy will be made at home for our family
since one is already provided at the in-laws.


I took a couple hour nap.
This past week I've felt so tired even with naps
and going to bed early.
My whole body hurts and I get severe stomach
cramps that will stop you in your tracks.
Still have frequent bathroom trips 
with diarrhea.
I can't wait to get my Moringa pills in the mail.
I can really put them to the ultimate test right
now with everything going on inside me flaring up.

Ok to clear things up with this disease,
just because I take my prescription medicine
does not make me all better!
It does not guarantee you from having flare ups
or diarrhea!
I am in pain and so sore because when
these flare ups happen my whole body becomes
inflamed because my immune system
starts attacking healthy cells in my body.
People think I should just be able to exercise
and walk out all the kinks causing the soreness.
Sure it's great to get out and exercise but I
don't think I'm going to get rid of all the soreness
that way when a flare up happens.
My body is attacking itself, it's not because
I'm out of shape, slept wrong, or just need to get
out and move around to keep my joints lubed up.
That's not the case at all!
And just because I'm up walking around
with a half of a smile on my face at times,
doing housework, cooking meals and what not
does not mean I am well.
I struggle like hell because I am a mom
and things need done.  
Kids don't understand and they still rely upon you
to take care of them.
Don't judge a book by it's cover.


I had to go take a very hot bath for the pain.
It seems to help to soak all the muscles.
Once out of the tub I got potatoes cut
up and boiling for supper.
I'm putting some bbq pork over top of them.
While everything is cooking
I got out our humidifier and cleaned it all out
with bleach to sterilize it.
I don't know why it just dawned on me to start
using it to keep it feeling warm in here
when the temperatures dip and to keep
the furnace turned off.
I'm keeping check of the temperature
and humidity with my weather station I have that
reads all these things.
I'm starting out with 70 degrees inside the house
and humidity at 56%.


I'm going to bed.  This is early for me.
I can't take the pain much more and can't
sit still in my chair because of it.
(not that laying in bed is any better)
Hoping to sleep through the night.
We'll see.  There's been times I wake up
in the night bawling my eyes out.
The heating pad is my best friend right now.
I wish there was an invention that you could
swap bodies with other people even just for
a couple minutes to see what they go through
to understand better.
I'm tolerating so much pain right now.
If it was anyone else they'd be running to the ER.
I try to meditate to take my mind off it
but then I find hubby asking me something
several times because I'm off in la la land
trying not to think about pain.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013



I'm tired of being in pain so much.
I wake up in pain, sleep in pain, stand in pain, sit in pain.


Well I just got out my bread machine and my heart just sank.
No paddle in the bottom of it!
Where in the hell does a paddle go??!!
The machine is totally useless without it!
Don't know what to do.
Don't even know where to begin to look for it
because I haven't used it in awhile.
Not in the greatest mood after seeing this
because I was ready to make about 
4 pizza crusts for pizza pies for the freezer.
:'o(  :'o(  :'o(  :'o(
I have tore apart my kitchen drawers and cupboards
looking for this piece.
I'm ready to go back to bed I'm so bummed.


I have still been bummed about my bread machine.
I got up from my nap and went through more drawers
in my kitchen (they are cleaned out now, lol).
Then decided I'd fill the dishwasher up.
Low and behold, in the bottom of the dishwasher
is the paddle!!!  Woo Hooo!
I haven't used my bread machine in about
a month and a half so it's had of been sitting
in there the whole time.
Why we haven't noticed it til today is beyond me
because we usually check for stray utensils
or what not in the bottom.


I now have pizza dough going in my bread machine.
Time to go get kids from the bus stop
and of course it looks like it's gonna haul off and rain.
The temperature outside today has been nice
but after today and into next week we'll only
be seeing highs in the 50's lows possibly
dipping down into the 30's with
a possible freeze and snow flurries
up around Lake Erie.  Ahhhh!


I got 3 bottom pizza pie doughs done.
I use this bread machine pizza dough recipe.
I like to also add in some seasoning to the dough
when making it like garlic & herb.
Once done in the bread machine I took it out
and divided it up into 4 pieces, let rest 10 minutes,
then rolled each one out to fit the pie pans.
I trimmed any excess off around the sides
and put it into the bottom of the pans to
make a thicker dough to hold the goods like
the sauce, meat, veggies & cheese.
Then once they are filled then I plan to do
another go round of dough in the bread machine 
and put on top the pies to make deep dish pizza pies.
I can put these in gallon zip bags and put in the freezer.
I might do one for breakfast with eggs, cheese,
country gravy, sausage and potatoes.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013



We still went to our park last night to go for a walk
without any problems.
Nothing came about with the other park
where a body was reported floating in the water.
I guess the emergency crews searched the 
area high and low and came up empty handed.

We did get to see about 3-4 deer last night at our park.
That's 9-10 deer total seen since Saturday!


I got a sweet tooth this morning and decided to make cookies.
Frosted Caramel Apple Pie Cookies.

1 can apple pie filling.
Put into a bowl and chop up the apples into smaller pieces.
Stir in 1/2 cup butter and 1 teaspoon apple pie spice.
Stir in 1 egg and about 1/2 to 1 cup Kraft caramel bits.
(I'm guessing as I just threw the remaining
caramel bits I had in a bag into the mix.)
Dump in package of Betty Crocker
oatmeal cookie mix and 1 cup flour.
Stir everything together.

Place tablespoonfuls of cookie dough onto
ungreased cookie sheet about 2 inches apart.
Bake 350 degrees for about 10 - 12 minutes.

Once baked and cooled I put some powdered sugar
in a sandwich zip baggie, added a squirt of pancake syrup
and a smidgen of milk, zipped it closed and
kneaded it all together with my fingers.
I then snipped a tiny corner off the bag and
squeezed the icing onto the cookies.

I don't know how many this makes at the moment
as I only made 8 of them.
I put the remaining cookie dough in the fridge 
to make later.

Either these are really good or I'm really hungry, lol.
They do taste like an apple pie!


Remember last year when we dropped our own
fuel tank to replace a fuel pump on our Chevy truck.
We did all the work ourselves.
The only cost was a fuel pump that was about $140.
Well today hubby's work had to take in a Chevy truck
to have the fuel pump replaced.
It cost them over $1100 to have it done!  WOWZER.
We saved a ton of money doing it ourselves!
$960 for labor is ridiculous!!
Goodyear is ridiculously priced to take your vehicle to!
We need to start offering our automotive repair
services to them at half the cost they are quoted!
Fuel pumps are a pain in the rear to do but
I'd do it for almost $500!!


Working on supper of a lasagna-goulash type dish.
I originally planned to use the twisty type pasta
but cannot find where I put it so resorted to using
shell type past.  I'm hoping this will make
up a couple of batches so I can put one in the freezer.

large bag or two of pasta, boiled & drained,
add a couple tablespoons of butter to keep it from
sticking together.
1 can of pasta sauce.
1 can diced tomatoes with juice.
5 packets splenda type sweetener mixed into sauce.
1 pound ground sausage, fried.
Shredded velveeta style cheese.
(I found a block of white cheese at Save-A-Lot.
$1.00 cheaper than the orange colored cheese)
It's still cheaper to get the Aldi brand Velveeta type cheese
at about $4.00 a block compared to
Save-A-Lot's price of $5.00!
If I wanted to change this recipe up a notch
then I could add in a can of no beans chili (aldi brand)
to make chili mac.

Oh by the way, when I was in Aldi's yesterday
I found that potatoes had come down
to $2.99 for 10 pounds so I got some.
They have been around $4.00.

Some meals don't need to have a whole lotta 
meat in them.  Eating too much meat can be bad for ya,
especially red meat or high fat meat.
I usually drain ground meat high in fat then
rinse with hot water before adding to meals.
You can stretch out a pound of meat in
a couple of casseroles.

Right now my whole body is hurting.
My stomach is hurting and I've been
making more than normal bathroom trips these
last couple of days.
I keep going and going with not much to go on.
People don't understand the amount of pain
I go through, especially the kids.
If it was anyone else they'd be running for the hospital.

I gotta run to Kroger tonight so hopefully
the acetaminophin kicks in before that.
Need some milk and pop for myself.
Some people drink coffee, I drink pop.

Monday, October 14, 2013



I haven't done much today other than take mom
to the grocery store this morning around 7am.
My legs are still in so much pain along with both knees.
Ibuprofen helps take the edge of but this batch of
ibuprofen we bought seems to take
1 - 1.5 hours before it even kicks in.
What is up with that?!
Believe me, you are watching the clock
when it comes to pain.

Got supper ready to go into the oven soon.
I made meatloaf with a pound of $1.00 sausage from Save-A-Lot
and 2 hamburger patties and will have garlic & herb cheesy fries
to go with it.  I don't have any potatoes to
make mashed potatoes.
I think a 10 pound bag of potatoes at $4.00
is too much.  Guess I'll have to suck it up
and get a bag anyway.  Potatoes go far around
here with making meals.

Tonight I'll stop by Aldi's.
I need a bag of store brand Splenda.
I saw Splenda at Meijers today for around $6.50.
The Meijer brand was $5.89, not much cheaper.
So I'm hoping to get it a little cheaper at Aldi.
I am using it to make tropical punch kool aid
pop for the kids.  I buy store brand 2 liters of
diet mountain dew type pop
and mix it with another homemade sodastream 2 liter
of carbonated tropical punch kool aid to double the amount of pop.
So 3 store bought pops equals 6 bottles of homemade pop
to stretch it out further to save money.


Got supper in the oven.
Was talking to hubby on the phone and said maybe
tonight we'll do a short walk at a park nearby
due to things we need to get done and 
my legs aren't feeling the greatest.
(I still push myself at time to get our exercise in).

Well, I just saw on Facebook channel 10 news that someone
reported a body floating in the same water way
that goes through the park we go to but it is at another
park just South of there.
Things like that freak me out.  With all our exploring,
hiking, walking through woods and along water ways,
I fear running across things like this.
The park where the report was made
was where we went one time and walked through
the woods and along the water and found
a naked man bathing in it.
I was done with that park after that!


Sunday, October 13, 2013



I bought 2 bottles of Turmeric 60 capsules each
at Kroger instead of Walmart.
They had them for $11.99 buy one get one free.
So $6.00 a bottle.
Now Walmart has them for $6.97 a bottle of 90.
Both are 500mg.
It was just more convenient and closer to
get them at Kroger at this time.

Friday, October 11, 2013



Here's what I bought at the church sale.
I spent $5.75.

Pair of DG tennis shoes for me $1.00.
Weather raidio $2.00 step-dad Christmas present.
free cookbook.

Merrell boots $1.00
(about $100 to $160 pair of boots!)
Got for my one son for Winter.
2 pairs of insoles for hubby .25 cents for both.
(one is memory foam the other is Dr. Scholl's)
Bag of silverware .50 cents

And a large bathroom rug $1.00.

Stopped by the Deals store in Westerville.
Bought a large bottle of vanilla extract for $1.00
and a 5 pound bag of french fries for $3.00.
I divided up the french fries into 
three gallon zip bags and put into the freezer
to have a side to some meals.

Got a phone call message yesterday from
our credit card place.
Here I've been waiting this whole time
thinking I had to fill out some paperwork
to dispute the charges that were put on our credit
card when it was stolen.
They called to say they have taken care of
everything and it has been resolved!
No paper work to fill out!
I'm still checking my next statement to
see if those charges were taken off.
It was between $200 and $300.


Tonight we're having tacos for supper.
I already cooked up the meat yesterday
 so it shouldn't be that hard to throw together.
Now I'm working on brunch 
and a breakfast for this weekend.

Breakfast Casserole
(my made up recipe)

-1/2 bag stuffing, I used Kroger bagged cornbread stuffing.
-1 package ground sausage, cooked
-1 packet sausage flavored country gravy
-2 cups water
-6 eggs
-1 cup milk
-shredded velveeta cheese

Grease a large casserole dish.
Spread stuffing evenly over bottom of dish.
Sprinkle sausage over stuffing.
In a small saucepan make up gravy with water
and allow to cool.
In a medium bowl add eggs, milk and seasoning
and whisk together.  Whisk in gravy
and pour over top of sausage and stuffing.
Sprinkle cheese on top.
Bake until eggs are done.

Next I have French Bread Casserole.

Last week I made up some bread boats for a breakfast
with Italian bread loaves.  I saved all the bread
from hollowing out the centers.
That is the bread I'll be using in this casserole.
You can use whatever bread you want.
I just like to use up leftovers and make sure nothing goes to waste.

In a bowl microwave the following til 
butter has melted and sugar is dissolved-
1/4 cup butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon corn syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla
1-2 teaspoons cinnamon.

Stir all together and pour into the bottom

of a greased casserole dish.
Add your bread cubes.
In a bowl add 6 eggs and a cup of milk
and whisk together.
Pour over top the bread.
Bake until the eggs are done.

Right now everything is sitting in the fridge
where the bread and stuffing can absorb
the liquids in the casseroles til I use them this weekend.


Just got the kids from the bus stop not long ago.
I think I'm gonna take a breather for a bit til supper
because the ibuprofen has wore off
and I'm feeling miserable with my whole
body throbbing to no end!


I took more ibuprofen around 3:00pm.
It did absolutely nothing for me this time around.
I laid down for about an hour before hubby got
home from work.  Pain just makes you tired!


I just ordered 4 bottles of Moringa off Ebay,
enough for everyone in my family to try it.
Hoping to get to Walmart this weekend
to get the Turmeric also for me and hubby.
I'm willing to try anything at this moment for
our health conditions and pain.
My digestive doctor pretty much ignores
the fact that I tell him I am in SO much pain.
What else am I to do?  I can't keep relying on
OTC pain meds like tylenol and ibuprofen.
They are not good for you to take all the time
and can mess with your liver!
And I don't want to have to rely on prescription
pain pills which can become addictive.

I'm going to bed soon.
I can't tolerate sitting here much more
with the pain and would just like to sleep it off for now
if that is possible because it does affect my sleep.