Monday, April 28, 2014



It felt good to get a little bit of sleep last night.
I did wake up a couple of times throughout the night
but that's probably because my brain didn't shut down lol.
Constant thoughts going through my head
and worrying that darn pager would go off.
Our last page out last night was from 7:30 to 9:30pm.
That's when we took the truck to hubby's work
to get the wingback chairs while out on call.
They are still in the truck.

We didn't get much done around the house
in the way of cleaning this weekend.
We did get the yard mowed and weed whipped.
I got some laundry done.  Enough to get us by
for the next couple of days.

So I'm thinking today is my day off, woo hoo.
That's what I call Mondays after spending the
weekend with family and doing chores
and all the running around we have to do.
Stay at home moms and housewives need
a day off too because we work 24-7-365.
Need time to rest up for the upcoming week.
Well that isn't quite working out for me this morning.
Mom just called and me and her are going to church
to make sandwiches and food for homeless people.
My step-dad couldn't go because he has a cold
and doesn't want to work around food so I got
called in to take his place.
No rest for the weary because I'm constantly trying
to do things for others.  I help when and where I can
no matter how tired I am.


Went over to the church and once we had a system going
we were able to make about 400 sandwiches in about 
20 minutes.  That's 20 sandwiches a minute!
I was kickin' butt!  LOL.
Got plenty of experience from being a mom,
working in a daycare for 6 years and
a couple of years there I was the cook.
Then another job I had was making
vending machine sandwiches.

I tried to come back home and lay down and take a 
nap after this weekend.  That didn't happen.
I got as far as laying down and that must of triggered
a sensor somewhere for people to start calling me.
I don't think the phone has stopped ringing lol.
I just got back up and started supper
of bbq pork ribs in the crock.
Now I'm sitting here chilling.

Sunday, April 27, 2014



Hubby is on call this week at work.
The week days went pretty good but the weekend sucks.
Yesterday I figured we got 9-10 hours of overtime.
This morning so far another 2 hours.
It sucks because the residents will call you at any
and all hours of the day or night.
Yesterday the pages started at 5:30am for a
water tank flooding an apartment and the pages didn't
let up til around 11:00pm.
We just get to bed and pass out around midnight.
Then at 3:00am the pager goes off.  Ahhhh!
Some guy is complaining that there is loud noises
coming from the apartment above.
We say call the police for a disturbance don't call us!
Then 6:00am rolls around this morning and
the pager goes off again.  No electric in a couple of buildings.
Go out on the call and the power company is already
there addressing the problem thank goodness.
It's not been fun and I go out on every call on the weekend
or weekday evenings with hubby to help him out.

So let's get caught up since I haven't spent too much time on here
this past week.

Ok so let's back up to this week in general to hubby's finds
in apartments or what was thrown away.
I got a bunch of food out of a move outs refrigerator.
Now generally as a rule of thumb for us we only
take refrigerated or freezer items that have not been open
and check expiration dates.

Next on two different days this week
hubby found 2 laptops and a set of headphones.
One lap top came in a bag with all discs and wiring, etc
and is up and running.
The other one had the operating system removed from it.
So it needs windows.

Yesterday I found a bag of clothes someone threw out.
I have decided that possibly another way to make
some extra cash around here is to collect some
of these name brand clothes we find
and try and sell them to places like Plato's Closet.
I didn't pay anything for the clothes to begin with 
so if they give me anything for them it's
a bonus and extra cash for us.

Friday me and mom went to a couple yard sales
and a thrift store.
I have been on the hunt for some type of shelf
to put my collection of matchbox cars on,
mostly Firebirds and Trans Ams.
Well I found an old wooden cassette wall holder
and bought it to put my cars on.
I also found a second one at another thrift store.
I think it works out perfect to display cars on.
Here's one of them holding almost 50 Trans Ams.
A couple of Camaros are thrown in there but
was replaced today with 5 more Trans Ams
I got from the flea market.

And here's both of them stacked on one another.
The second one is holding Camaros, Nascars
and misc cars.

Friday I think I only bought one thing from a yard sale
in Westerville.   A yuppy neighborhood is good to find
expensive things for cheap sometimes.
I bought a Playstation 3 for $5.00.
It has problems but I know people who know
how to work on them.
I think I can have this up and running
for anywhere between $40 to $70.
When these things go for $200 - $400+ new
I don't think five bucks is a bad price at all to pay
for the unit and little extra to have it fixed.
I'm not too game system savvy but I think this 
has WiFi in it, plays dvd,cd and blue ray discs,
and has free online multi player gaming.
Which would be nice rather than having to buy
a membership for a year at $60 per child
like the Xbox 360.   Plus you can use the system
if you want to get Netflix.


Now I'm working on a menu for the week.

1.   BBQ pulled pork over mashed potatoes.

2.  Ham & potato soup.

3.  Creamed chipped corned beef over biscuits.

4.  Mexican pizza

5.  Chicken salsa burritos.

6.  Bacon, eggs, pancakes & toast.



My butt is dragging!  I'm so tired!
It would be nice if the emergency pager
kept quiet the rest of the night.
I'd be happy with that.
I think hubby got 13 or 14 hours overtime since yesterday.
We just got back from a main water drain backup
in an apartment building then 
there was a hot water heater that went out.

I did a little DDn while hubby was working.
I found a Dell Pocket PC with USB and wall charger
and a can of V05 hairspray and
a pair of wing back chairs.
I put them in the garage at hubby's work
because we had the car with us and
no way to get them home then.



Well this day isn't starting off so great.
Last night we called the guy with the truck and got no answer.
He didn't come back.  This is getting annoying.
He's been here twice but fails to come back
to complete the deal when hubby is home.
Truck's in hubby's name so I can't do it.
I think the guy gets out doing things and doesn't watch time.
He's made it known he is bipolar and gets forgetful a lot.
And he talks a lot and really fast!

Today is supposed to be yard sale day for me and mom.
Well guess what?  It's raining of course.
I had my route all planned out.
Another Ugghhh!

So I gets to thinking that I can take mom
out to some thrift stores to get her out of the house.
I want to start packing my purse to make
sure I take a few things with me.
No purse!  I left it in hubby's trunk last night
when we went for a walk.
Triple Ugghhh!

Hey at least the pain in my neck is starting to go away
little by little.  It's only taken a week to do so.
No more cracking the window open on 
a chilly night!

Thursday, April 24, 2014



Still have this freaking stiff neck.
It's a real pain to drive and try and turn your head.
I sleep at night and take a long nap
each day and still feel really tired.
The guy with the Silverado truck was a no show/call yesterday.
I didn't care either way
because I didn't have the energy to deal with him anyways.


Well I just entered my second Eggo contest entry.
We had it last night for supper and everyone gave it
a thumbs up and thought it was delicious!


The guy that wants to trade trucks just showed up
unexpectedly.  He's coming back when hubby gets off work.
We were thinking this deal wouldn't go through
but I guess the guy's phone don't work that well at times.
So we'll see this evening.
I want hubby to test drive his truck first to see if
it drives ok.  I know the motor and exhaust sound
really good, so good you can't hear it running lol.
I know it's not perfect.

To think we took $750 and bought the 1996 F150
in hopes of selling it and doubling our money
(or to trade for a truck hubby can drive)
and getting a 2002 Silverado,
a 6 year newer truck,
that's worth about quadruple the money we started with.
It's a good day if it all works out.

I feel like I'm on one of those tv shows
where they barter and dicker items LOL.
My newest shows I've been watching is called
something like Down South Dickering
and Barter Kings  LOL.

As I'm sitting here typing I see on the security camera
monitor that someone else just pulled up, got out
and took down information off the for sale
sign on the truck. 



I haven't felt the greatest for about 10 days now.
It started with 10 days of diarrhea so far
and just this past weekend came the body aches, tiredness.
and I have a stiff neck
I'm hoping things will settle down
and get back to normal.
Between the stress with the loss of a friend
and that time of the month on top of things
I'm hoping it will pass but ya just never know with
Crohn's.  You can be totally fine one day
and be down and out the next.


I am making Baked Spaghetti tonight for supper.
I made this one other time and everyone loved it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014



So this guy came over tonight to look at our truck for sale.
By tonight I mean he's been here for the past hour or
so and just left!
This guy could talk and talk and talk
and did I mention talk your ear off!!!
To the point my eyes were crossing!  Oh my gosh!
I've seen some real talkers in my life
and he's got them all beat!
We just can't wrap our heads around the deal he
wants to make with us.  He loves our truck to pieces!
I know, crazy.  He wants to trade his
2002 Chevy Silverado for our 1996 Ford F150.
Ya got your Chevy lovers and your Ford lovers
and he hates his Chevy with a passion!
Ask me how I know LOL.
He went on and on and on and on about it.
Don't know why because it seems like a decent truck
and runs really good.  Motor checked out good and was clean.
Nothing leaking that I could see.
Hubby even asked him why he would want to trade
his truck for a crappy truck like ours lol.
We actually feel guilty for wanting to do the trade tomorrow.
But he seems insistent on wanting to swap vehicles.
Am I missing something?!
I just don't get it.
I snapped a couple pics when he was out
test driving our truck.


Friday, April 18, 2014



Yesterday I was racking my brain trying
to figure out what kind of food I could make
to take to our friend's memorial since there
is a pot luck after it.
Isn't it funny that when we go to bed at night
and lay there with our thoughts running
through our heads is when the ideas come to us.

Earlier yesterday my friend had called and asked
if I wanted a bunch of peppers and onions.
She brought them down for me and I got
all the bell peppers washed and cut up
and was going to put them in the freezer.
I just left them out overnight to dry.

Well I got the idea to make a large 
stuffed pepper casserole with them.
The answer to my question had been sitting
right under my nose the whole time lol.
Make use of what you've got and have on hand.


I feel like I have been going non stop today since I got up.
Got up and wasn't up very long when I had to take mom
to Honda to pick up my step-dad who dropped his car off.
Got back home and we went to
Chestnut Ridge Park which is in Carrol, Ohio
and hiked up a hill which was very strenuous on our legs
and bodies.  Much steeper hills than what is out
at Hoover!  On our return trip we had to stop by Kroger
to get some things for my potluck casserole.
Once back home I got the casserole started
when mom called.  I had to take them back
to Westerville to pick their truck up.
While I was doing that hubby had a guy come
over and buy the torque converter we listed on Craigslist.  
He just took some pics of a honda racing hood
and will be posting that soon on there as well.
Returned back home and are now still working
on making that darn casserole or maybe I should
say casseroles because I am making a lot.
A couple for the potluck (or one really large one for a crowd)
and one for us.
Here is my recipe I threw together.

Stuffed Pepper Casserole

3 green bell peppers cut up (free)
2 red bell peppers cut up (free)
1 large onion cut up (free)
28 ounce can crushed tomatoes (free)
a couple cloves garlic grated (.20 cents)
2 pounds bob evans maple sausage ($5.00)
4 boxes spanish rice-a-roni ($4.00)
1 carton beef broth ($1.67)
seasonings:  oregano, garlic powder, basil, salt, pepper (free)
1 can spaghetti sauce ($1.00)
1/2 block of queso cheese (free)
2 packages of shredded cheese ($3.98)
little bit of worcestershire sauce, steak sauce & hot sauce.
Taco seasoning to taste (free)

put peppers, onions, tomatoes, sausage,
seasonings, sauces in
crock and cook til done.
Stir in queso cheese til melted.

In a skillet make up rice-a-roni
(I did each box one at a time rather than 
trying to make them all at once.)
Each box called for 2 cups of water.
I replaced one cup of water with beef broth.
Do not add tomatoes that the box calls for
because you already have some in the crock.

Once everything is done mix sausage & peppers
and rice together.  Spoon into a greased casserole dish.
Top with shredded cheese and bake 350 degrees til warmed through
and cheese is bubbly or golden brown on top.

Then in between making the casseroles I had
to make a quick supper of bbq rib sandwiches with chips.
Other than the ride in the truck today I haven't been
able to sit down and chill til just now!
I still want to run to the thrift store
to look for a nice dress.  I didn't find one the other day.
Then tomorrow morning we're getting up
early and heading to the thrift store and Walmart.
Then come back home, get the casseroles
baked and off to the memorial in the afternoon.
Calgone take me away!!!


Went to the thrift store earlier tonight.
I did not find a dress I liked.
I'm just gonna have to go through what I have
and find something else nice to wear tomorrow.
No dress though, just pants and a sweater
and some high heeled shoes.
Now often do I wear high heeled shoes,
uh like never.
My legs are killing me from our hike today
so I can only imagine what they and my feet
will feel like tomorrow.

At the moment I am waiting for my pepper casseroles
to cool down some before putting in the fridge.
I sauted up some more onions and green bell peppers
to put on the top before I sprinkle the shredded cheese on it.  
I didn't feel as though it had enough peppers.
While making some foods you have to keep tasting
it to make sure it has enough seasonings or whatever.
That's what I've been doing and that's not good
right before bed, especially pepper casserole.
I now have heartburn!   Ahhhh!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014



You can check out my recipe submission
for the Eggo contest HERE.
It's called Huevos Rancheggos


Tuesday, April 15, 2014



Woke up to it snowing outside this morning.
What crazy weather we are having.
I sure wish it would make up it's mind!

I got chili going in the crock pot.
I added a package of turkey links cut up,
a jar of salsa, a can of tomato paste
and a can of no beans chili.
I'll let this cook throughout the day.
Once done I'll scoop out a bowl for my
son who doesn't care for beans.
Then I'll add in a can of baked beans and continue
cooking it for the rest of us.

Not to sound gross just after talking about food
but my BMs haven't been good these past 3 days.
This morning alone I've been to the potty 3 times.
My stomach has been throbbing as well.
Stress can flare up Crohn's and it has not been
an easy past couple of days.
We have a memorial to go to for our friend
on Saturday.  He had no insurance of any kind
and the family had him cremated.
And if that alone is not stressful enough for me
the thought that hubby's ex will be at the memorial
is making my stomach turn.
Then in another two months we'll both get to 
see my ex at a wedding.
Fun, Fun, Fun.
So my nerves are shot.
I haven't taken my prescription medicine for about
4 months now.  Wondering if I should start taking
them again if my BM doesn't get back on track from the stress
because you never know when it could spiral
out of control and I could end up back in the hospital.
For now I'm just doing my probiotics and yogurt
to see if it will pass first.


Well I have made my first submission into the Eggo contest.
Fingers crossed!
I'm not posting what I made til it gets posted 
in their submissions.  It needs to get reviewed first.
$10,000 is the grand prize!
Sitting here eating it now and it's perty good lol.


I've been going through everyone's clothes and
weeding them out.  
Then I started trying on
dresses for Saturday.  I do not own but
2 maybe 3 dresses and so far are not liking them on me.
Hmmm, might ask hubby if he'd like to go
to the thrift store tonight with me to see if I can find one
that I like.  One that looks a little bit more flattering
and has more coverage of all my flaws.



It's been a rough evening last night and this morning.
We found out last night that we lost our friend,
my husband's best friend since childhood, yesterday.
Hubby had just talked to him Wednesday and
2.5 days later gone.   Things happen so fast
and without warning.
This was the person that was going to put new seals
in our TA's transmission.  We had pulled the transmission,
loaded it in our truck to take to him,
but he ended up in the hospital the next day.
He was admitted for almost a week due to
bleeding ulcers and lost pints of blood needing
a transfusion along with possible other things.
We was just released from the hospital last Saturday.
He told hubby he was going to his family farm 
in Southern Ohio this weekend with his girlfriend.  He loved
going down there on the weekends and spending
time in the country four wheeling whether it was
with a truck or a quad.  Well from what I am gathering
he had an accident on the quad.  
He was not wearing any safety gear.


Had to get out of the house for a few hours
and went walking to take our minds off things.
It's still hard because we return home to
see the bad news all over Facebook.



What a yucky, rainy day.
Yesterday got to 80 and tomorrow for a low
 we're heading into the 30's with snow!
I've been cleaning this morning.  More like Spring cleaning.
Working on the kids rooms first and will go from there
cleaning and weeding out crap.

Sunday, April 13, 2014



Got up around 7am this morning
and we headed to the flea market around 8:30am.
They were pretty busy today compared to last weekend.

I got some camaro and trans am matchbox cars
to add to my collection.  .25 to .50 cents each.
I'm looking for a wall shelf to display them all on.
The shelves I have now are becoming too small lol.

And I got a foldable crate cart for $1.00.
I like this one because it's taller and holds more than my other one
and has 4 rubber wheels unlike the red one which
only has two and they are plastic which makes lots
of noise when pulling across gravel and sidewalks.
These are great to have in your vehicle for things when needed because they fold down flat to store.
I take them to flea markets and church sales.
No more sore arms trying to carry things!!

Once back home we got all of our pompass grass cut
down and bagged up.  Then we finally took down
all the Christmas lights that were still up on the front
of the house and in the bushes.
I use a cord wrap to put lights on so they don't 
become a tangled mess.  I'm not sure
how many strands are on there but it's
all the lights off of 5 bushes.
Still looking for more of these cord wraps that are cheap
to put the back yard fence lights on.
This one here probably cost a buck or two.

Saturday, April 12, 2014



Me and mom went to a church sale, yard sale
and two thrift stores today and just got
home in time to pick the boys up from the bus stop.
They got out today a half hour early and start
their Spring break.  They go back to school 4-22.

Matching set of bath towels $2.00 (church)
Matching set of washcloths $1.00 (church)
I plan to make a towel cake from these
for a wedding.

Wire and glass tea light candle holder .75 cents (church)
Putting back for a gift.

Ohio photo book $1.00 (yard sale)
inside cover says it was $40 new!
I collect books about the history and places of Ohio.

19 plastic OSU cups all for .25 cents (church)
4 plastic OSU buckets all for .25 cents (church)
OSU beaded foam pillow $1.00 (church)

I plan to use the buckets to put cookies in as gifts.
The cups I'll put candy/popcorn/treats in and also give as gifts.

OSU purse $1.00 (church)

2 proactive toners $1.00 each (yard sale)
1 partial proactive toner .10 cents (yard sale)
Foot powder .10 cents (yard sale)
2 Natural glow lotions .50 cents each (thrift)
100% aloe vera gel .10 cents (yard sale)
Cheddar popcorn flavoring .10 cents (yard sale)
Fels naptha .10 cents (yard sale)
Cleveland browns coffee cup .25 cents (yard sale)
Putting back for a gift.
OSU pom pom .25 cents (yard sale)
Using in an OSU gift basket as filler.

Father & son matching referee shirts $1.00 each (church)

And lastly 6 boxes of 
chocolate teddy bear graham crackers .59 cents each. (thrift)

I am so tired.  I did not get a nap in today.
I have not been sleeping well this past week.
Constantly waking up throughout the night.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014



Well this sucks.
I just read on Facebook that they closed ALL
Ci Ci's Pizza Buffets in central Ohio.
We had been planning to take the kids there 
and would have been so disappointed to have driven
there to have found out the hard way.
We'd go there for birthdays or just because.
Going to miss the macaroni & cheese pizzas!


Here is the next contest I found that I have been
racking my brain over for ideas.
It's the EGGO YOUR WAY contest.
Grand prize is $10,000.
Two first prizes of $2,500.
And 8 finalists will win a year of Eggo products.
It's from 3/31 to 6/23.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014



Well I was going to make pork chops
for supper til I realized I didn't have any in the freezer.
So now I am making a pork roast in the crock
with a can of sauerkraut and some potatoes.

Last night had to stop in Kroger for
basic stuff like milk, bread, butter.
I found a couple of angel food cakes
marked down to .50 cents each from $4.00!
I like to make Angel Lush out of them.
I don't have pineapple but I do have 
peaches and that sounds just as good.
You could probably use any flavored pudding
and cool whip alone without any fruit as well.
Remove cake from container, slice it into thirds.
Layer it back into the container with toppings
then put into freezer for when you need a quick dessert.


Check out this score that my friend shared with me!!!
All he asked was $5.00 for gas money!!!
I counted a total of 55 boxes of
"velveeta" style cheese.
At 2 pounds each that comes out to 110 pounds of FREE cheese!!!
That's enough cheese to have 1 block a month
for almost 5 years!!
55 blocks x's $5.00 each is $275 worth of cheese!!!

Time to clear up some space in my freezer!
I hope they freeze ok lol.

Then hubby walks in with a couple trash bags
of food he found in an empty apartment that was FREE.

It's been a good day!


I am so ready for bed.  Ever since supper I've
been pretty much laying around and have felt sooo tired.
I don't know why.  I took a nap today.