Monday, June 9, 2014



Here was something else I overlooked
that I got from a yard sale.
A Coach purse for .50 cents!
I found one just like it on Ebay for $80!

Yesterday I made a pork roast for supper
after we returned home from the rehearsal.

Pork roast $2.00,
1 pkt. Au Jus mix .29 cents,
3 cups water free,
2 pkgs buns $2.00,
1/2 cup bb1 sauce .50 cents.  

Made 8 sandwiches for supper
and will make another 8 for lunches today
including a lunch for hubby to take to work.
So 2 meals from this one roast.
That's .29 cents a sandwich or .49 cents per serving
of 2 sandwiches.

Today I have a 2.17 pound package of pork loin chops thawing
for supper.
They were $8.01 marked down to $4.79.
Along with a packet of Shake N Bake
BBQ seasoning .50 cents.


I laid back down and took a nap
for 30-40 minutes.  Got up with what energy I had
from that nap and started in on washing
summer clothes that were stored for the winter.
While they were clean when stored they
still get that basement smell.

I haven't had the ac on for about a half week now
which means we are having such wonderful weather outside.
Which also means a lower electric bill this time of year.
The kids were even complaining it was chilly
in here this morning.
I looked back at last year and we started
having 90 degree temperatures in April!
While I am loving this cooler weather
it doesn't help with growing tomatoes
which like hot weather.
They are still surviving but not growing
much taller at the moment.
Still about the size from the packs I planted them from.


I got my Ebay purchase today.
It pisses me off.  I was supposed to get
2 camera batteries and a car rapid charger
and I only received ONE battery.
Wrote the seller.
We'll see where this goes. 
I opened a case with Ebay so that way they and you
can keep track of any communication to the seller
should they not respond or fix the problem
within a certain time frame
then Ebay will refund your money.
I've had a seller before take my money
and never sent me what I won.
They never responded to any messages so
I won my case and was refunded all my money.

Hubby just called to share a really freaky 
apartment story.
He says there was a suicide in an apartment
overnight or just recently because Hazmat
was there going through the apartment near their 
maintenance shop.
Within the last month I had
talked to that person when we were out on an
emergency call across the way from him
because they were sitting outside in lawn chairs.
That's not the freaky part.
Within the last year in that same apartment
but a different resident before this newer
resident moved in, the last resident
also committed suicide, unrelated.
There is no way I would move into that apartment what so ever!
I'd be having a psychic or someone else
come out to see what's going on in there!

OK time to get back to laundry, ugghh!
I think I've got most of the Summer clothes washed.
Now working on getting Winter clothes packed away.


Well the Ebay seller responded to my messagae
saying they are sending out a battery today for my camera
and they asked that I close the case.
I'm not closing it til I have that 2nd battery in my hand!

So far while doing laundry I've managed to weed
out clothes and get rid of 3 large trash bags full,
a large box full along with another pile started
and ready to be bagged up.
I don't like this time of year to go through clothes
and the switching of seasonal clothing.
But it needs done. 

So while waiting on the recent loads of 
laundry the kids are asking for a snack.
I am making 
Pistachio Pudding Cookies.
The only difference is I used a white cake mix
with red and green sprinkles in it
and a bag of Hershey chocolate chips.
(after Christmas sales at .49 cents each for the cake mix
and .58 cents for the chips).
And I'm sure the pistachio pudding mix
was leftover from Christmas where I didn't bake
as much as I wanted due to being sick.
So everything is being put to good use now
as summertime snacks for the kids :0) 


I've been tinkering around with
how to make this wedding towel cake.
I've got less than two weeks to make it.
I think I came up with a final plan of what to put in the middle.
It might be a little heavy but it should work.
One of my other gifts is a crock pot.
I'll use that in the bottom layer, wrap
a large bathroom towel around it,
second layer is the second bathroom towel
and the third layer will be two washcloths.
I could do two champagne glasses on the sides.
It'll be like one big gift rolled up into one big cake lol.
Plus I could also add some potholders
or other kitchen items inside the crock pot.
Nothing is set in stone at the moment.
Here is my fabric that will go around the outside
of the towel cake to look like frosting and piped on flowers.
It is actually the bottom end of a silky curtain panel.
The picture is not true to color.
It is a buttery cream color.

I would like to do a three layer towel/crock pot cake
I guess it would be called that now if I add the crock to it lol.
I also have a long pearl necklace in the same color
to add around the top edges. 
Check out my freebie bracelet in the pic
that I got in the mail.  Actually I got three of them.
It says Cure Crohn's.

And here would be the crock pot in the
bottom layer.

Like I said this is only a rough draft.
No fabric, lace, ribbon, pearls, flowers have been cut yet to make it.
I don't know, it's a start.
Be lucky I've gotten this far with an idea with
the way I've been feeling.
Now to find some flowers, maybe some champagne glasses
and something very strong to put underneath it
to support it all.
Do they make butcher block cake platters LOL.
I'll figure something out.  I always do.
I want it to stand out at the wedding also
as a decoration piece not only as a present.
Gotta make it look good to try and brew up some business.
The mom of my soon to be daughter-in-law
said she's seen cakes like this before
so you know I've got to give it my all to impress everyone.
I told her I was making it as their gift
and wondered where I could put it.
They didn't seem to have a gift table planned out,
only a card box.  Uh I think that some of your
guests are going to bring more than a card
so ya better plan on a gift table.
So we worked out that area last night.
Oh, also anyone who is attending,
they also asked me to figure out a banner
design to hang on the wall as you walk in the door.
So think of me when you see it :0)
Bob Evans is catering the reception
so at least I don't have to worry about making
any food.  Whew!
My son did hint to me once about
making their wedding cake.  
I don't think so, lol.
That would stress me out so bad.
Maybe a towel wedding cake lol. 


Well my get up and go has got up and went.
My energy spurt ended about 4:45pm.
Around that time I started feeling nauseous
and threw up.  I then laid down til hubby got home.
 My stomach still has that same feeling.

This evening we had to run to hubby's work
to dump some stuff I've been weeding out
along with some trash so we ended up 
closing the pools.  Got 1.5 hours overtime so it was all good.

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