Saturday, June 7, 2014



We went to a neighborhood yard sale this morning.
Then hubby's co worker called him to see if 
he would take emergency on call for him for a couple of
hours along with working on a suv doing front brakes.
So that cut my yard saling adventure a little short.
But it was worth it.  While there was no emergency
calls hubby did make $50 putting on front brakes for someone
so it's all good.

So here's what I got today at the sales.

24 slot literature organizer.  I have no photos
but it reminds me of something teachers put papers in.
I knew these things weren't cheap and priced them
at around $160 plus!
I bought mine for a buck, a $1.00 bill!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Even if I didn't keep it, which I plan to use for bills
and other paperwork, I could turn around and sell
it and make money on it.
I'm sure scrapbookers out there would love something like this
if I should decide to sell it.

A new Top-O-Matic cigarette rolling machine for $10.
To go into your local smoke shop and purchase
one of these machines would cost $50 to $60!
I got it to have as a back up at that price!
But I could also make money on it if I wanted to sell it.

6 white metal plant hooks.
Was .50 cents each but offered $2.00 if I bought them all.
Remember when you buy more than one of an item
or a set of something try to see if they will
make you a package deal at a lower price.
Just a tip I use at sales and it usually works.
I've been looking for some of these because
I thought about putting my super sweet cherry 100
tomato plants in hanging baskets off our back fence.
I bought like 20 baskets last year at the flea
market for I think $3.00 or $4.00 for all of them.

I got hubby a cd radio to listen to at work.
He's been wanting one but I wasn't willing to pay
the ridiculous prices that the thrift store wants for them
around $10 on up.  Just crazy.
This lady said it was almost brand new and she only
used it a couple of times that's why she was selling it.
Another tip is when trying to get a lower
price is to point out any flaws.
This radio didn't come with a power cord.
We have a power cord at home that would work on it.
It does run on batteries though.
It never hurts to try and talk someone down in price.
Most of the time I get the item for less.
This lady was asking $5.00 and we settled at $3.00.

Many times I would drive by sales and ask
everyone yeah or nay as to whether we would stop
and check them out.  They would say some
were too small.  Well let me tell ya, some of those
small ones can hold some treasures.
I always remind them of my yard sale story
of where I almost didn't stop because
this man had one little table out selling only a few items.
On that table was a ring I bought for only .10 cents!!
Later on at home I discovered it was 
a 10 karat white gold ring with markings with a possible
couple of diamonds on each side and in the 
middle was a large white topaz!!
Possible value anywhere from $150 to $250.
Ya gotta watch those cheap pieces of jewelry.
Sometime they are the real deal.
Check silver colored vases, cups, tea sets and silverware also.
Just look for stamped markings of
sterling silver and gold.  Not plated!
I don't remember what else I got.
I had a headache most of the day and was hurting
in my joints, especially my leg sockets
and left shoulder.
I've got like 2 more days of my antibiotic 
medicine left and about 26 days left of steroid medicine.
Oh goodie.  The steroids leave me with the side affects
of tingling hand and feet along with the headaches,
dizziness and fatigue along with paint in my joints.
But I already have joint pain and tiredness as a Crohn's/Colitis symptom so let's make it worse and double it, ughhh.
And then let's throw in that time of the 
month to let the party begin.
Somedays I wonder how I even get out of bed.

When we were at hubby's work earlier today
I did find a large fern that someone had thrown away.
I rescued it and brought it home and 
hung it up on the carport.


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