Friday, June 6, 2014



Yah, I've had my first, normal poo for me,
this morning since April 12th.

I'm still taking it slow and easy.
I haven't done much around here.
Trying to rest up and get meds in me
before I start my housework and weeding out once again.
I laid back down this morning for a few
because I still felt tired.
I started taking my one prescription at bed time
since it makes me tired.  I still wake up groggy from it.

I got an instant message from my son's fiance
reminding me that the rehearsal wedding is this Sunday.
I know that.  Do you think they would call or come
visit me while in the hospital, hell no.
Three times I've been in there with complications
of Crohn's, Colitis and C-Diff and NOTHING
other than an instant message saying "you ok?"
Hell no I'm not ok, I'm admitted to the freaking hospital!!
Do they think I am magically 100% better after getting
out or what?!  They don't ask me how I'm doing
or anything.  It's been on my mind and has upset me
and my family.  They can't blame it on wedding plans
because back in Oct - December they weren't working on them then
and still didn't call or visit me.
Just my two cents worth. 

Tomorrow I'm going yard saling with mom.
It's been three weeks or so since I've gone.
Looking for things to make one of my wedding gifts.
I'm making a wedding towel cake made with
bathroom towels, hand towels and wash cloths.
I also got them a crock pot and would love
to find a crock pot cook book, potholders
and kitchen towels to put in it.

Well I'm going to go try and do some laundry.
It's been awhile since I haven't been feeling well.

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