Sunday, June 8, 2014



Got up and went to the flea market this morning.
Tired or not I did it to keep myself moving.
I still feel as though I could lay down and
take a nap for several hours.
My stomach feels nauseated.

 The flea market sucked.  We need to stop
going on Sundays and just stick to Saturdays due
to only about half the people being there if that.

We have a wedding rehearsal to go to this evening.
Fun, fun, fun.  I feel like crap.
I'm pushing myself to do things but
in the end I feel totally exhausted.
Just the other day me and hubby had gone out
to do something one evening.  I drove.  Once home I jumped out
of the truck and went straight to bed literally.
I think hubby was still in the truck doing
things whether it was cleaning out trash or
carrying in stuff.  By the time he got in the house
I was passed out asleep! 
I just feel like I could collapse some days and
that was one of them.
Friday after yard sales and shopping I brought
my things in from the car, dropped them on the floor
 and went straight to bed.
Those things stayed in their bags til the next day.
I didn't even get anything out to admire or look over them.
I just got out of the shower trying to freshen up
and that didn't make me any less tired.
Got laundry going because I need something
half way decent to wear tonight.
I'm so far behind with laundry so that will
be my priority this week to get that done
and put away winter clothes and bring out the 
summer clothes.

We were thinking about doing Hocking Hills this weekend
but decided against it due to other plans
like on call, yard sales, side job and wedding rehearsal.
Next weekend might be an Indian Lake weekend
to go see hubby's dad for Father's Day.
The weekend after that is my son's wedding
and the weekend after that hubby is on call.
Not sure when we will be able to see Hocking Hills at this rate.
It should give me a little time to rest up
for all that hiking though.
We haven't been down there in a couple of years
and I'm ready to go back.
I haven't been there since I've gotten my newest camera
and can't wait to take pictures.
One of my favorite places to visit.
I've even ordered 2 more batteries for my camera
along with a rapid car charger for them.
Hoping to get this week.


I can't wait to be off these meds.
I am getting so forgetful with things.
Went to the thrift store to get some fabric
for the wedding towel cake I'm making.
I paid for it and started walking for the door
without my purchase and hubby says where's your bag at?
It was still sitting at the checkout.

Earlier today I made hot dogs for lunch.
Got them out and in a pan of water.
Awhile went by and I went to check on them
and forgot to turn on the burner.
Then as if those weren't bad enough around
1:00 I put a pork roast in the crock pot.
2:00 rolls around and I go to check on it
and I didn't even turn it on.
UGhhh!  I'm ready for bed!
But have to keep on trucking somehow.
I hope this rehearsal doesn't last long tonight
so I can come home and go to bed.
I made it known to my son's fiance that
I do not feel well and I get very tired.
My stomach feels as though I could
throw up at any given moment.
Whelp 5:30 time to go.


Well I survived the rehearsal and meeting
my future daughter-in-laws parents.
At least I showed up unlike some other people.
If you know me you know exactly who I'm talking about.
Thank goodness I didn't have to look at
that person tonight, whew.
Felt like crap but I showed up!
10 days after still recovering from my hospital stay,
I still showed up.  Just wanted that on the record, LOL!
I wasn't at home sleeping like someone else. (my ex)
And believe me I could have very easily have
been in bed many hours ago and been down for the count.
But I pushed myself to be there!
Next we have a rehearsal dinner
at the other parents house in two weeks.
Oh goodie, goodie, goodie.
So much fun. 
Hope he sleeps in then as well.  LOL!

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