Tuesday, June 3, 2014



I've been to the potty this morning a couple of times
and now I feel my stomach throbbing once again.
I took my one prescription the hospital gave me
which is an antibiotic.  The other one I am iffy about
which is the steroid.  It's only been on the market
for a little over a year from what I read.
I took one tablet and my hands and feet got really tingly
like pins and needles and that worried me.
I haven't taken another one since just now at 8:03am.
We'll see if I experience the same side affects.
I need to get the pain and throbbing under control.
There's no warnings on the bottle like to eat something
when taking it unlike the antibiotic which says
no alcohol of any kind including mouthwash
or foods with alcohol.  They said it will cause 
severe side affects and put me back in the hospital.

I have a rehearsal wedding to attend this weekend.
Yeah... that ought to be fun with being really sick
and just out of the hospital and still not feeling good.

I know I'm rambling.  I get like this when there's pain
involved.  Since the hospital I have been foggy headed, can't think straight and get forgetful and have a case of the dropsies because
of energy loss.


And there goes the tingling numbness kinda feeling
with the medicine I took.


Going to lay down.
Really tired.  I slept all night with no problems.


Just got up because hubby called.  Took a 3 hour nap.
I went to sleep with a light jacket on.
Mistake.  It's hot as heck in here, almost 80.
Turned the AC back on. 


Stomach is still throbbing.
I'm trying to eat a couple of tuna fish sandwiches
on wheat bread.  I still have my appetite which is good.
Going to take some tylenol for the throbbing and pain.


Mom wonders at times why when I'm home alone or
with the kids why I keep curtains, blinds and front doors closed during the day.  First of all I don't want to deal with any
solicitors.  I have a sign on my door that says
no soliciting and I don't think they know what that means
because they still knock anyways.
Second of all there have been too many home invasions
where people knock on your door, you answer
and they push their way into your home to rob or kill you.

I have one security camera aimed at the front door.
I can see whoever is knocking without having
to open the door or look out the window.

I'm writing this because some guy just knocked on my door
that didn't appear to be a salesman or a church goer
wearing a t-shirt and a Jegs ball cap.
I didn't open the door.
If you know me you know to call or let me know
ahead of time that you are coming over or I won't
answer the door.  I've had people that we kinda knew
but never gave our address to just show up also.
I ain't answering the door to those that I somewhat know.
If you found my house without me giving you my address
or didn't call ahead of time then I consider you a threat
or a stalker.


Just got done sleeping another couple of hours.
I don't know why I feel so tired today.
I'm now getting supper started of spaghetti, something easy.
Hubby has to work mandatory overtime til 6
today and tomorrow. 


Went to Kroger earlier this evening to get the
rest of my steroid prescription.
They only had a partial prescription to give me
last Thursday.
I have to take this for a month/ 30 days.
Anyways while I was there I asked them about
a possible side affect of hands and feet tingling
and partially going numb.
They checked their computers and didn't find
any side affects like that.
Well that's funny.  I looked it up online
and several sites showed it as a side affect
and I wondered if I should be worried or stop 
taking it.  The pharmacist printed out a couple
of sheets of all the other side affects of it for
me to take home.  One of which is fatigue.
Why is this not on the bottle?
This is probably why I have felt so dang tired all day.
I know now not to take this pill in the morning.
Tomorrow I'll take it in the late evening before bed!

We took our one push mower over to hubby's work
because it has carb problems.  The one guy there
knows how to fix anything and everything.
He got our lawn mower, which has not worked
in a year and a half, working!  For FREE!
Hubby did give him the butterfly
knife we found as a thank you and he liked that.
That saved us about $60 to $80 if
we had taken it into the lawn mower repair shop.


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