Friday, June 13, 2014



Back down in the dungeon.
Got a load of laundry going.
I had about a week to two weeks worth
of laundry that needed done and then
I washed up 4 large totes of summer clothing from storage.
I'm starting to feel like I'm running a laundry mat around here!
It's all good because I work cleaning the basement
along side of laundry.
So far I have another large bag of clothing to go 
out along with a tote of misc stuff.
It's just something that needs done every year to clean out
stuff.  Out with the old in with the new.
Call it Spring or Summer cleaning
it's what I do around here every year during the kids summer break. 


Two more baskets of stuff hauled out.
Trying not to over pack them and make
them easy for me to carry upstairs.

I think I am down to only one load of laundry left to do woo hoo!

That does not include towels, sheets & blankets though.
That will be another day.
I usually do all those up when the weather is really
warm outside so I can hang them all the line
to save on electricity.


6-7 more small/med. boxes, baskets and totes hauled out. 

Thank God I am feeling pretty good today.

Yesterday I was down and out for the count
most of the day.
Going with the flow.

All the while with doing laundry and basement
cleaning and weeding out I am giving myself
a deep conditioning mayonnaise hair treatment.
We had found an unopened jar of canola mayonnaise
that we found in an apartment.
No one is particularly fond of it so I'm putting
it to good use by slathering it all over my hair
and letting it sit.  You can wrap it up with a shower cap
or bag then wash it out with regular shampoo.
I plan on coloring my hair again soon so
figured it could use a good conditioning first.


The last load of laundry is in the washer.
That was a lot of freaking laundry to do.
I've been doing it for 4 days now!
Thank goodness I can finally move onto something
else now like getting it all put away.
I have two large long laundry bars in the basement
packed full of clothes to bring upstairs
and put away now.
I'm done with working on the basement for
today as well.
Still feeling good but I'm tired of running up
and downstairs at the moment.

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