Monday, June 2, 2014



I ended up sleeping 11 hours last night!
My eyes opened at 7:45am this morning
and I thought to myself laying there, hmmm,
I feel refreshed and don't feel half bad.
Well that was for a split moment anyway.
As soon as my body got into the upright position
gravity took over.  In 25 minutes of being up
I have been to the bathroom 3 times already.
And another bathroom trip 8 minutes later
for 4 trips so far after waking up.

Yesterday we ate lunch around 11:30-noon
at the drag strip.  I did not eat for 12 hours after that
and only had one slice of pizza that was leftover in our
fridge.  I don't think I even ate the whole slice just 
picked at it.  

9:15am to 10:40am

Another potty trip then I laid back down for another
hour and slept.  Got back up and still feel sooo tired
and have no energy.
In the middle of the night I was laying on my back
and I awoke to the cat sleeping on my belly.
Never does that.  Do they sense when you don't feel good?
And every time I go potty it's there weaving in
and out of my legs.

10:45 to 11:15am

Stomach started hurting so bad that I was doubled over.
Made my 6th trip to the bathroom this morning
then went and laid back down for a half an hour
with a heating pad on my stomach.


Hubby made me an egg sandwich.
I ate about 1/3rd of it and the stomach pains started again.
I didn't have to run to the bathroom this time around.
Hubby keeps giving me the evil eye about going to the ER.
I'm tough.  I will ride it out til I get better or cannot
take it anymore.


I went with hubby to the store.
I felt like a walking zombie.
Time to go lay back down.
Earlier when I laid down on my back
I started feeling and pressing on my stomach
to see if there were any tender areas
and there are a couple which tells
me there is inflammation in there or an infection.


Well I managed to sleep for another 3.5 hours
before my stomach woke me up sending me to the bathroom.
I'm up to 8 or 9 bathroom trips today
and I have slept 15.5 hours in the past 24 hours.
Still going on only about 1/3rd of an egg sandwich.
I haven't eaten anything else.
No appetite.

I'm going to try and eat something.
Hubby cooked some brats and hot dogs on the grill
along with some tater tots.
I didn't think that would work well for my stomach
so when we were in Kroger I got a
sliced turkey entree.
I also got a bottle of mango juice.
I don't know why but I crave mangos
every time I don't feel well like this.
I can't figure out what it's telling me
because I don't eat or drink mangos any other time.
In the hospital I kept ordering their
mango smoothie or whatever it was called because
it didn't have
any milk products in it and it was so good.


Got about half way through eating
my turkey slices, mashed potatoes and gravy
when the severe stomach pains started again
causing me to moan & groan all the way
to the bathroom.
Kitty will be loving on me tonight.
He got my leftover turkey.


Heading back to bed.
My energy has run out once again.

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