Monday, June 2, 2014



Got up at 6:30am to get hubby up and ready for work.
The potty trips and severe stomach pains
have returned again for yet another day.
Last night I noticed I was starting to sweat 
when sleeping.  
We have the air conditioner on and
the fan blowing on us at night.
This happened the last time
when I ended up in the hospital.
The doctor's said it was one way the infection
is working its way out.


I'm not trying to bother anyone with taking
me to the ER at the moment.
Mom is out of town at my brother's
for the weekend and should be home sometime today,  
hubby is on call this week at work,
and the kids only have 2 more days of school left.

I tolerate a lot I tell ya.
The pains feel like someone is taking
a knife to my stomach.
It's like labor pains.  They start off slow then hit
the peak and taper off.  Usually it is followed
by trips to the bathroom to go poo.
There's not much poo.  How do you have any
poo anyway when you haven't had much to eat anyway?
The throbbing is from head to toe
and is like the throbbing you get when
you hit your thumb with a hammer.
All over aches that feel like you have
the flu but no congestion or drainage.


Ya know I think I'm going to make a
ER/hospital bag and just keep it in the car
for those trips to the hospital.
About like how a pregnant woman would make
her bag for the big day.
It seems to be a common thing for me lately
so why not.  And something tells me with my
symptoms I'm going to end up there again really soon.

Now what would I put in a tote bag?
Thinking back to when I was in the hospital last
time and the things I had people bring me from home.

1.  Depends because you get tired of calling
the nurse to change your bed and to request
a new change of gowns and undies.
2.  Extra underwear & socks.  Things get dirty
and it takes forever for the hospital to bring items to you.
I had undies disappear after a colonoscopy
and didn't have on anything under my gown!
3.  Hemorrhoid cream or Tucks.  I think it took the hospital
2 days to get this for severe hemorrhoids that were
really painful!
4.  Extra pair of stretchy pants, sweat pants or pj bottoms
to put on under the hospital gowns for when you 
want to walk down the hall to the waiting room or if it gets too cold.
They either recommend you walk each day or take a medicine
to prevent blood clots in your legs from being in bed so much.
5.  Deodorant and perfume because you don't know
when you will get to shower!
6.  Sweater because it gets cold in hospitals
7.  Snacks for the people who came with you.
8.  Reading material: magazines, newspaper, books.


I got most of my bag packed.
Then I managed to get a load of laundry started.
I made sure it had enough clothing items
in it for the boys and hubby to get through
for a couple of days should I got to the hospital.
Whether I go to the hospital or not,
go to the ER, get admitted again,
I am preparing ahead of time.
The last couple of times were a disaster around here.
They couldn't find anything!!
And when I came back home the house
was a wreck from them digging around
looking for things!


Going to go lay down.
Energy has depleted.
Had a hot flash earlier.
Started getting the sweats at times
with fans running and the AC on!
Started feeling a little warm so I took my temp.
After not feeling hot for the past 4 days
my temp is now 99 - 100 degrees.
Not looking good.
Hubby called before then and asked me how I felt.
I said the same.
He then asked if I should call my doctor.
I told him I didn't think the regular GI doctor could do anything
at this time.


Have been laying down in and out of a nap
and watching tv.  My head started hurting
so I took a couple tylenol.
Took temp for the 3rd time today and it's
still reading 99.5 degrees.


An hour later my temp is 100 degrees.

It sucks being sick.
I totally missed getting my last two
recipes into the Eggo contest.
The last time I got sick I was
working on an apple pie recipe for a contest.
Got it made.  Had the guys at hubby's work
sample it and give me their opinions
then before I could even enter that contest
I ended up in the hospital.
Bummer :0(

Trying to get an easy supper going.
I used Italian bread cut in half,
spooned spaghetti sauce with splenda mixed in it
on top, sprinkled with cheese,
sprinkled with seasonings and in the oven it went.
I was going to get my waffles done as well
and had everything ready to go.
I might as well make them for the kid's breakfast.
I'll just take note of how I make
my recipe and see if the contest comes up again next year.

Why I am I so freaking hot?!
When you have a fever shouldn't you be shivering?!

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