Tuesday, June 10, 2014



Today has been a little slower for me.
Laid back down this morning for a short while.
I have had only one normal poo for me since
being home from the hospital.
It went back to the way it was shortly after
and has been that way since sending
me to the bathroom several times a day.
I am taking all my meds like I'm supposed to.
I got rows of pill bottles sitting in front of me.
Today is my last day for antibiotics.
I still have 23 days left for the steroids.
And I have Lialda I'm taking
and percocet for any pain along with tylenol.
Something needs to start working!

I think I'll head down to the dungeon and
do more laundry.  Sure wish there was
a little sunshine outside to make it seem
a little less gloomy.


Making a little progress.
Got a load of laundry hung up, in the washer and in the dryer,
a tote full of crap to go out.
It's a start for the day.

I just want to get rid of a ton of stuff while I can
because I'm afraid at some time I'll get too sick
to the point I won't be able to do it.


Was thinking about putting potholders and such
in the crock pot wedding towel cake.
I think instead I'll use some bubble bath,
bath salts, men's body wash and cologne,
a candle along with a pretty nighty in there.
Hey it would go with the bath towels,
wash cloths but not the crock pot part.
They'll have to have something good
to eat ahead of time lol.
It's what I found in my stockpile in the basement.
I won't use it so thought I'd put it to good use. 
If it fits it ships lol.

I got another couple of boxes to go out
and another large box for mom to go through.


Oh dear, here we go again.
Hubby just called and is asking to buy a guy's truck
at work.  This guy is multi talented with being
able to repair things from computers, 
maintenance, HVAC, wood work, cars,  you name it.
He was a paratrooper along with numerous other things
that I couldn't remember from the sheet he showed
me when he was in the Army.
He's been near roadside bombings overseas and has many
a scars to prove it.
He was just promoted from maintenance guy
to maintenance supervisor at another property
if that tells you anything and he hasn't
even been there a year!
He wants to become a firefighter.
He was in training for it in NY right before he moved
here.  Soon after moving here this guy had
bought another truck and I have seen everything
he's done to it. Probably things that didn't even
need repaired he replaced.
He had box after box of parts sitting out
of all the stuff he was replacing one weekend.
I knew he had to of spent close to $1,000 on parts.
I hope he was that way with his old truck.
It's like this guy has to be fixing something
all the time to keep from getting bored.
Must be nice to have that kind of energy!

Anyways the guy is selling a 4x4 S10 extended cab
steel flat bed truck with mounted tool box,
80,000 miles on it for only $450.
I think I've seen it only once or twice but will
get to see it again tonight to look it over.
I think it looks something like this
only a different or darker color and it has an extended cab.

$450 seems pretty cheap for a 4x4 truck.
But $450 seems like a lot of money for me period
to come up with.  That would leave a dent
in the checking account.
Gonna have to cut back even more I see
and sell some things.
Hubby wants to go through his shed 
and sell things in there he doesn't need
for example tires, slicks, rims, car parts.
Hope there's enough in there to
cover the costs of this truck!
I need some Tylenol!


Hubby is getting one heck of a Father's Day gift I tell ya.
I bought him the truck tonight.
It's still at his work but paid for.  That's where his coworker lives.
Tomorrow they are going to do the paperwork on it.
The best part, I got it for $50 less at ONLY $400!!!
It's a 2002 Chevy S10 crew cab (4 doors)
not an extended cab like I had originally thought
with only 78,000 miles on it!
It has working AC, heat and cd/cassette radio.
The guy has replaced many parts on it
and has all receipts to go with it!
It even has newer tires and the battery was
bought around February of this year.
I am pricing these trucks on Craigslist
(with bed should we ever want to put a bed back on it)
with 160,000 to 180,000 miles on those
vehicles they are still asking around $5,000 for them.
This was a steal that I could not pass up for hubby to 
have an automatic 4x4 truck!!!!
When the opportunity knocks you go for it
even if it means I'll be having to cut back some
for a little while.

 Now to sell hubby's car to put the money
and then some back into the bank.
Uggh I hate dealing with Craigslist people!

Time for some pills then time for bed.
I didn't even know we were even considering
buying a vehicle til 2:00pm this afternoon.
Shock to me! 

Oh I gotta tell the story to this truck lol.
The guy who owned this truck was a firefighter lieutenant
in upstate NY.  He did his firefighting training in the 
same small town that my dad's family lives in
in Leroy, NY.  The truck is still equipped with 
the fire department's flashing lights and other stuff.
I guess the guy is going to remove those lights though
before we take it over.
I just thought that was cool that this same
truck was 700 miles away in the same town
my dad lives in at one time.
Small world huh.

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