Wednesday, June 11, 2014



Today is another slow day for me.
I laid back down this morning for about an hour or so.
Got up to make the kids some large pancakes
for a brunch to tide them over for awhile.
I need to go to the store tonight.
I'm outta bread and pop for me.
Bread is something to have on hand to
make easy sandwiches for lunches
and I haven't had any for 2-3 days.
My whole body is throbbing so I went
ahead and took a couple tylenol.
Don't know if I'll return down to the basement
to work more on it today or not.
Just feeling so tired.
Maybe if the tylenol kicks in I'll work
on tidying up the living and dining room some which
has been wiped out since being in the hospital.


Well I haven't done diddly squat.
I've slept the afternoon away.
22 more days of this med called Ucerine.
I'm tired of being so tired from it!
People look at me like I do nothing but sleep all day.
I cannot help it!
It's supposed to heal my colon to hopefully
put me in remission and I guess I and others
around me just have to deal with the side affects of it.
It's the medicine it's not me being lazy!


What is this shock the crap out of me week.
It wouldn't take much that's for sure.
 Still feel like crap like I'm in slow mo
from being tired and no energy.
Trying to eat a bite of supper now.
Still have my appetite so that's good.

Anyway back to the shocker moment for today.
Me and hubby were in Kroger getting a few needed things
We're standing in line and I'm not paying
attention to nothing because I felt like
a total walking zombie, still do.
Hubby says there's so and so and so and so
in line in front of a lady in front of us.
It's my best friend and her separated hubby from high school.
I had a falling out with her after 20 some years
of being best friends.  I haven't spoke to or
seen her in 6 years since right before
we bought our home. 
We exchanged some information.
She says she'll write me an email.

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