Monday, June 2, 2014



I have not been feeling well with 
all over throbbing, stomach pains, tiredness
and more than usual bathroom trips.
I keep chugging along with half a smile but I make sure
my family (in my house) knows that I haven't
been feeling well and to know what 
to expect from me when doing things.
I started taking my medicine and ibuprofen
for pain.  I haven't really taken my medicine in
almost 6 months but have been for the last week.  
First of all I didn't see where it
was doing me any good when I still landed
in the hospital twice.  Then when I needed a refill
from my GI's office they took their sweet ole time
of a month to get me my medicine.
So I went without.  Plus it's just too darn
expensive while I'm still trying to pay off dr. bills
from my hospital stays and GI doctor.


Hubby's wants to go to the race track today.
It has been up in the air as to where we are going.
It started out as National Trail Raceway,
then to Columbus Motor Speedway
and now I think we're going to Pacemakers
in Mount Vernon.
Make up my mind already!


Too pooped to pop.
Anytime we spend the day at the drag strip
I get so tired and wore out by the time
we make it back home.
I'm ready to head to bed at only 7:30pm!

Once at the track we parked by the strip
to watch the cars.  A little while went by
then the stomach pains came once again
and I needed a port-a-potty close by
so we had to move the truck closer to the potty.
It was a good thing because I had to go four
times while there and once upon returning home.
When the stomach pains come it will stop
you in your tracks and will make
you do a lamaze type breathing technique!


I was thinking that maybe the stomach pain
was being caused by sudden movements
like going from a sitting to standing position.
I was wrong.  Was totally asleep
with very little movement til now when I was
rudely awoken with stabbing stomach pains
that had me jumping out of bed and running for the bathroom.
Usually the pains are followed by having to go potty
most of the time.  But there have been a few times
it didn't do that.
I was very thirsty also but that could of been because
of possibly sleeping with my mouth open.
And...There's another bathroom trip not even
5 minutes later.  
I know I should be writing about other things
but I have to take notes about the way I'm feeling
that way if I go to the doctors or hospital I 
have reference as to what happened and when.

Hubby thinks I should call my GI and make an
appointment.  I just laughed and laughed.
When I was in the hospital and getting ready
for discharge my GI doctor says to make
a follow up appointment with his office
in two weeks to see how I was doing.
No explanation in the world could have gotten
me into that office in two weeks time.
The next available time slot was a month
and that was with a nurse practitioner and not
even my doctor!  I also requested to be squeezed
in if there was a cancellation.  No such luck.

I really don't have the money to go to the ER.
Hell I'm still trying to pay off doctor's and the
hospital from last October and December and 
that's after getting financial help through the hospital.

I worry about getting C Diff again.
The say if you have Crohn's and get it once
then the risks are high of getting it again.
The hospital told me that if I returned back to 
them in the next year I would also be
put into isolation that I could infect other patients
there even a year later!  
C Diff is to be taken seriously as it could cause
very severe complications and even death
if not treated.

Of course tomorrow the GI office isn't open
and I'm sure they are not open Monday due to the
holiday.  If I could get into their office I know
they could put me on Prednisone and Flagyl.
I can't do the Cipro.  I found out the hard way
twice that I am allergic to both the pill and
IV form.  Don't want to go that route again!
GI doctor's appointment he put me on Cipro pill.
I kept taking it and noticed severe stomach pains
on top of the stomach pains I already had.
He took me off it.  I go into the hospital
and told them I had a bad reaction to the pill
so they decide maybe it would be different
if they tried the liquid IV form of it.
Oh hell no!.  As soon as they started pushing
that needle into the IV tube it felt as though
my whole arm was set on fire.
I'm begging and pleading with them to stop.
It hurt so bad I was crying.  They
finally did and tagged my wrist saying
I was allergic to it.  They should of listened
to me when I told them the pill form didn't work for me.

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