Tuesday, April 30, 2013



I got my two birdhouses primed with Kilz 
to get ready for some paint later on.
Starting to come back to life :0)


Bird houses have been painted.
I did them to match our house with
blue sides and a grey-black roof.
This was done with whatever free paint
I could find that I have collected from different places.
The roofs were done by painting on black
over the white kilz paint and then wiping it off
to create a white washed black finish.


Stopped in Meijer tonight.
Picked up a wiper for my truck $4.59.
With my 10% discount it was $4.14.

3 four packs of veggie plants,
Sweet 100 cherry tomato,
Beefmaster tomato
& Better Belle green pepper.
They were $1.04 a 4 pack.
With my 10% discount they were .94 cents a 4 pack.
Plus I have strawberries and peas, beans and zucchini seeds to plant.

Monday, April 29, 2013



This year I want to learn how to grow some
potatoes in the garden.
I had a few small potatoes with eyes starting
to form from the bag of potatoes I purchased
from the store.  
I inserted 4 toothpicks around the sides
of each potatoes and put them in a 
plastic solo cup in a small cardboard box.
I set the box outside and filled each cup up with water
so it would touch the bottom side
of the potatoes.  

I then cut the tops off of 2 liter pop bottles
and placed them over each cup to keep
them warm and act as a mini greenhouse
because they say we could get frost
up until around May 9th.

I did it this way for now because I don't
have soil or cleaned buckets ready for use.
I'm really hoping to find some tall trash cans to use.

One potato is used for each 5 gallon bucket 
and I'm hoping to use the potato buckets
on the self water rain gutter garden.

I have read that you can get about 10-15 pounds?
of potatoes from one potato in a 5 gallon bucket.


Yeah, I got my small float valve for the 
self watering gutter garden I'm making.
They guy at Indoor Gardens knew exactly
what I wanted and knew about gutter gardening.
It's a hydroponics store so I would
hope he knew all about that.
I got to see a self watering bucket garden
in use in their store.
They had pumps running to it though from a 
water barrel trash can.
It was my first idea for the garden before
deciding upon the gutter garden.
Think of this garden after it's made as a
"Set it and Forget it" garden.

Sunday, April 28, 2013



I finally got pictures to load.
The only way they would load was to
install a Google Chrome browser.

So to catch you up with some things I have been doing.

Yesterday I painted two decorative bird cages
for the fence in the backyard and the bird bath.

Friday evening we went to Hoover
and walked around.

Today has been the typical housework day with
cleaning out the fridge, grocery shopping & laundry.
Yucky day outside with all the rain.
Hoping it clears up this week so I can work
out in the yard on my garden.
I haven't been able to locate a float valve
so maybe Monday I'm going to stop by a place
called Indoor Gardens at Indianola & Morse Rds
to see if they may have one.
They deal with hydroponic gardening so 
I would think they would have what I'm looking for.

Earlier today after leaving Kroger I drove down
this one road where I saw 2 bird feeders last week
at the end of someone's driveway by the road.
Surprisingly after a week they were still there
so we stopped and got them.

My 2 free bird feeders.
I can paint them up and bring them back to life.
They are still pretty solid, the glass isn't broke,
& hinges and hangers work fine.


I was tinkering this evening.
Decided to do a photo of
Blue Thunder (our Trans Am's name) with the perfect
background of storm clouds.
If you look closely at the bottom of the clouds
the shape almost looks like a Pheonix
or Firebird.  

Saturday, April 27, 2013



I'm having problems uploading any photos at the moment.
Not sure why but will keep trying.

 I got up at 6:30am this morning.
Couldn't sleep and went to bed about 2:30am
so my you know what is dragging!

Went down to the flea market which was packed.

I bought a dvd I've been searching high and low for,
Coyote Ugly for $2.00.

A book called 
Talk to the Tail Because the Whiskers Ain't Listening
book for $1.00.

Another bird cage (on left) decoration for my fence that is flat
on the backside for $1.00.

29 brand new planting pots.
They still have the new price sticker of $2.00 each on them.
The guy started at $10, went to $5 and I ended up paying $4
for 29 pots!!
(would have cost $58 plus tax new!)
Remember me talking about possibly making
a self watering gutter garden, well these
would work great on it!
Need to find a valve float, the only thing
I have is a fill valve toilet float and 
I'm not sure how to make that work
on this system.

And I got hubby a B&M shifter for his car for $5.00 !!!!
Anyone care to see what these go for at JEGS?
It's not a powerglide shifter. 

 Stopped in the South end Walmart before
coming home.  Hubby wanted some more primer spray paint.
I bought 4 packets of seeds,
Blue Lake Stringless Garden Beans,
Straight Eight Cucumbers,
Fordhook Bush Zucchini.
Super Sweet 100 Tomatoes.   


Just got back from Menards.
Got 3 ten foot gutters (.89 cents each after rebate),
2 gutter end caps right and left ($1.37 x's 2 is $2.74)
and 2 gutter connectors ($3.59 x's 2 is $7.18-
like the one in the link but mine was cheaper)

then there's 29 planters for $4.00

Total of  $16.14 spent so far
on the self watering gutter garden. 

Still need dirt for the pots
which should run between 
$1 to $2 for bags of compost.
and a float valve unless
I can figure out how to use a toilet float valve.

I think to solve any mosquito issues with any standing
water or getting any tree or yard debris in the gutters,
I have asked hubby to save me any
scrap pieces of window screen from work.
I plan to staple that over the gutters,
put holes only where the pots will go.   

I still don't know why I can put photos
on here lately.  It's much easier to explain myself
with photos.


I am still up why?
Still going somehow on 4 hours sleep.
No pictures uploading, GRRRRRR!